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The Little Vibrator That Could…and Did

black and white view of DiGiT finger vibrator on Kayla Lords finger

Let’s get all the disclaimers out of the way, shall we? This post contains affiliate links. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, you support my work and my coffee addiction. Also, this post is a review post — I received a product in exchange for an honest review.

I may or may not have pulled out the DiGiT by Hot Octopuss the night before writing this review to “remind” myself of the sensations. Ya know, for research purposes. (Wink, wink, nod, nod…suuuuuuure, for “research.”)

In fact, I’m slightly obsessed with the latest product by one of my favorite brands (this is me letting you know up front just how biased I am). It arrived at a time when my libido tanked, and I was starting to believe orgasms weren’t a thing I would experience for a while.

I placed all my hopes on this little vibrator. Maybe too many. But since I know what Hot Octopuss can do for people with a penis — ahem, Pulse III, Atom, and JETT, I truly believed this could be my salvation to orgasmic pleasure again.

And it was.

Small But Mighty…Orgasms

DiGiT vibrator from Hot Octopuss on Kayla's right hand, against pointer fingerI love a big squirty orgasm. I just do. Those were my first (at the ripe old age of 32), and they continue to be my favorite. But I rarely squirt these days. So my next favorite orgasms are the kind that make every muscle in my body clench. The kind that curl toes. They grow and explode from the inside out.

Because of the design of the DiGiT, it nestled perfectly against my clitoris. The tip comes to a slight point, but the rumbly vibrations surrounded the entire area — clit and clitoral hood. Nothing hurt from over-sensitivity. In fact, it felt juuuuust right. A true Goldilocks of vibrations.

I started on the lowest setting before cranking it up. The only noise to be heard was me. Oh-ing and ah-ing and um-ing my way through a growing slow burn of pleasure. The first orgasm, small but mighty, took me off guard. It shuddered through my legs and torso, knocking the breath from my body.

If it’s this good on low, let’s crank it up. Which is, of course, where I learned of the single thing I hate about the DiGiT — the buttons.

On high, the sensations were similar to my biggest, favoritest, bestest wand vibrators. Deep, rumbly, thick (if you love these sensations, you probably know exactly what I mean) vibrations. The kind that surround all of your senses and your clit. Stimulation that doesn’t just hit one spot but reaches the deepest parts of my body…and my soul.

Each orgasm came (ha!) faster and harder. They didn’t explode out of my body. It’s a finger vibrator after all. They rippled and rumbled. Earth-moving, cresting, breaking against the edges of my skin and muscles. My cunt clenched around nothing. The muscles in my legs seized and held. My nipples tightened. I gasped for air, unable to breathe through the pounding of climax after climax.

Every time I’ve used the DiGiT, I’ve experienced something like this. Every. Single. Time. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, but consistent pleasure each time.

Vibrating While Fucking

side view of DiGiT on Kayla's finger, sitting against pointer fingerPenetrative sex with John Brownstone is my jam. My go-to. My comfort zone. Using vibrators while we fuck takes what I love about sex and combines them into everything that’s good and beautiful in the world.

When I find the right angle and the right setting (highest of all highs and steady — none of those teasing patterns for me), he almost can’t fuck me. Why? Because my cunt clenches so tight around his cock, he can’t move. It’s delicious…for both of us.

With a vibrator, the angle is key. My clit is deep set in my vulva. We fuck on our sides, spooning, which means the world tilts on its axis for my clitoris. Either the vibrations have to be strong enough or the vibrator has to reach. What happens when both are true at the same time?

So. Much. Cunt. Clenching.

The DiGiT provided exactly what I needed.

I may or may not have popped his cock out of my cunt with a few orgasms. The nerves running up and down my inner thighs were on fire with pleasure. I squeezed his shaft so tight he groaned…over and over again.

Until finally, I wrenched the little vibe that could (and did) away from my body. For once, it wasn’t that my clit was too sensitive. My entire vulva cried uncle, unable to handle one more bone-crunching, muscle-clenching climax.

About DiGiT by Hot Octopuss

Digit in Kayla's hand, sitting against middle finger instead of pointerI nearly cried when it arrived. My dry spell had included a lack of privacy, kinky fuckery, and orgasms. All added to the overwhelming stress of life in general, especially during a move. I really did place all my orgasmic hopes and dreams on a very small finger vibrator. Maybe that made me open to the pleasure and sensations. Certainly it could have made it easier for the vibrations to imprint themselves not just on my cunt by also my mind.

I almost never use a new sex toy (even a vibrator) multiple times in a short amount of time. Last night was the fourth time using the DiGiT. For me, that’s a veritable deluge of sex toy use.

What I love about the DiGiT:

  • It feels so good in my hand and body. The silicone is smooth and soft, and the rings (for your fingers) don’t pinch or cut into my skin.
  • It’s the quietest sex toy I’ve ever used — and definitely the quietest one Hot Octopuss has ever made. I was genuinely shocked at the lack of noise. Even on the highest levels of vibrations.
  • You can use it on either hand. I’m right-handed but during sex, I switched the DiGiT to my left hand for a better reach. It was a strange feeling but it worked.
  • The rings where your fingers go can be stretched to accommodate larger bodies. I have plenty of room but also don’t feel like I can’t hold on or that it will slip off.
  • While I’m a clit girl, it feels good on other parts of the body. John Brownstone pressed it against his shaft and testicles and gave an “Ohhh!” of pleasure. I haven’t tried it on my nipples but mostly because that’s not a go-to erogenous zone for me during masturbation.

What I hate about the DiGiT:

Nothing can be perfect right? Not even the DiGiT.

I fucking hate the buttons. Technically, they’re meant to be easy to reach and easy to push. For some people maybe they are. I struggle every fucking time. When I thought I was turning it up, I turned it off. When I thought I was turning it off, I cycled through settings. Fucking hell, I hate those buttons.

The good news, for me, is that I enjoy a single mode — high setting, steady vibrations. Getting to that setting — when my hands are still dry and lube (or ejaculate) free — is really easy. In that way, the buttons are great. They weren’t difficult for me to push. But once I’m in the moment, if I want to change modes, it’s not as seamless as it’s supposed to be. Thankfully, I don’t want to change modes so I can continue to love and adore the DiGiT with no problems.

Bits and Bobs about DiGiT
  • Use water-based lube only.
  • The DiGiT is made of skin-safe silicone. No phthalates or latex are used.
  • It’s 100 percent waterproof.
  • The DiGiT is USB rechargeable.

Buying a DiGiT Finger Vibrator

Hot Octopuss puts a lot of care and technology into their sex toys (this is my bias showing, and I’m okay with that). So they’re not the cheapest toys out there. That being said, the DiGiT is (currently) one of their lowest priced options at $69.00 USD (yes, I giggled too…) plus shipping.

I’ve tried a few finger vibrators, especially the inexpensive options. They’re okay. But the DiGiT is on another level. From the quality of the materials, to the quietness of the rumbly motor, to how good it made me feel. It’s supplanted all my other vibrators right now. It doesn’t live IN the nightstand…it’s sitting out, ready to grab whenever I’m ready to play.

Curious about the DiGiT? Check it out here.

Want to see what else Hot Octopuss offers? Shop here.

Check out all the pictures I took of the DiGiT Finger Vibrator:


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