Who Am I?

I am a highly sexual woman who spent most of my life ignoring that side of myself. It took a divorce for me to decide this was an important part of who I am.

In high school I guarded my virginity with a strange fervor – only to lose it on a drunken night at age 18. I barely remember the moment and the next few years followed the pattern established on that crazy night. Throughout a nine year marriage, I pushed down my own sexual feelings while I dealt with life, children, stress, and finally a divorce.

When I first began this blog it was as a woman rediscovering her sexuality with the idea that I was a woman in love. The center of my sexual fantasies centered around an old flame I reconnected with after many years, and he was my inspiration to explore myself again. I started this blog to chronicle my experiences with sexual fantasy, masturbation, and everything else I might discover. What I learned is that I am more complicated than that. Within a short amount of time, I learned that I am a submissive woman who needs a good Dominant man.

There is strength and beauty in submission. And with the right Dominant, there is satisfaction beyond compare.

I am a submissive woman. I am a masochistic babygirl with a loving and sadistic Daddy Dom.

And I am so much more.

Sex Blogger Kayla

As a sex blogger, I simply write about sex. Always in a positive way. Always with an eye on both teaching and learning. Always to help foster a sense of community from the highly satisfied person getting all the sex they want to the newest member of the BDSM community.

I don’t know everything about BDSM, specifically Dominance and submission, and I am always learning. Within the pages and hundreds (upon hundreds) of posts within this site, I share what I discover and learn so that someone else can benefit from my mistakes, my revelations, and yes, my kinky fuckery.

Erotic Author Kayla

I have lived with sexual fantasies in my head since before my teenage years. I read my first romance novel at too young of an age (according to my mother). I wrote fantasy stories as a child. I wrote essays as a student in high school and college. Then I got busy and stopped writing. A few years ago, during a crazy but quick divorce, I began blogging in the vanilla world. I rekindled my love of putting words together to form thoughts and pictures.

When I decided to take on the task of writing about sex, I knew I had to give voice to some of the fantasies in my head. The more I learn about my own sexuality – and how long it takes some women to get to this point (if ever), the more I knew that my fiction had to be realistic, too. Sure, the erotic scene might be pure fantasy, but the people are real. They represent myself and others I’ve met in this world who have bills to pay, children to raise, and a strong, deep desire to live a lifestyle the rest of the world doesn’t understand.

Babygirl-Submissive-Masochist Kayla

I’m a kinky freak, y’all. I have a Dominant I call “Daddy.” I like purple. I giggle. I pout. But I yearn to kneel, submit, hand over control – and I do, at every opportunity. I’m also a big ole spanko and a budding exhibitionist. I’ve been strapped to the St. Andrews cross and flogged in front of strangers. I’ve draped my body over a spanking bench and writhed in ecstasy. I also make his coffee, serve his meals, and only wear panties with permission. And I love every minute of it. Even the minutes that aren’t loveable, the darkest times of my current life, are preferable to a life without D/s.

Masturbation Kayla

I started this blog in an effort to write about masturbation as I learned about it, my body, and my own pleasure. Now I run a weekly meme called Masturbation Monday where all are encouraged to participate. You don’t have to write about masturbation, unless you want to. You can write a scene so hot it makes the reader want to masturbation. For authors, I encourage sharing of excerpts – as long as the focus stays on the story, not on book sales. And if you don’t have a website but love to write, I may even let you guest post – if you’re so inclined.

This isn’t all of who I am, but it’s a damn fine start.

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