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Sex Toy Review: He Came First and I Liked It

review for Atom Plus

On the first day of #30DaysOrgasmFun my true love gave to me…

Wait, no, back up. That’s not quite right. Let’s try this again…

It was definitely the first day of Tabitha Rayne’s amazing orgasm a day challenge.

“Are you going to join in on the fun?”

John Brownstone shrugged. “I don’t think I can orgasm every day.”

“You don’t have to. But you also have toys to use.”

“Oh yeah!” His face lit up.

We lay on the bed, side by side, naked, not really touching. The ceiling fan whirred overhead. I explored my body in ways I hadn’t in months, maybe as long as a year.

He doesn’t waste opportunities to masturbate, and he hadn’t wasted any with his new Atom Plus from Hot Octopuss (received in exchange for an honest review) either. In fact, I’d already whined to him that I couldn’t write a “proper” review if he played when I wasn’t around. And he had. A few times already.

I stroked my labia, getting used to the sensation of skin under fingertips again, almost bored. He pulled his cock through the ring and turned it on — like an old pro.

The stiff hairs on my vulva prickled my hand. The whirring of the cock ring created a background buzz to our mutual movements.

I dipped a single finger into my body, reminiscing about past orgasms. He sank against the pillow, eyes closed.

In no hurry for much of anything, I circled my clit, noting the small tingles of desire. The bed shifted in small subtle ways as he worked his cock in his palm.

I had almost no real desire for an earth-shattering orgasm, content to lazily draw circles and lines around my vulva, tracing the contours, rediscovering its plains. Next to me, he moaned louder than before. His hand worked faster and faster, pumping his shaft.

When you fuck and come with someone often enough, you learn their tells, the signs that they’re on the brink of mind-blowing pleasure.

Is he going to come before me?

I was in no hurry for anything more than the touch of hand on cunt. He was a man on a mission.

A moment later I heard, “Ooohhhhhhhhhhh….” as his voice peaked and then trailed off in orgasmic bliss.

I had my answer.


A few days later, when we finally admitted to each other that we’d kind of given up on the 30 day challenge, I complained about our decided lack of sex.

“I really need to masturbate more since sex is kind of off the table.”

“Yes, you do. I have and it’s definitely helped.”

I must have looked at him in surprise. He winked at me.

“The other day, I pulled out the Atom again. But the charge was nearly gone.”

“So it didn’t…?”

“Not by itself. Don’t get me wrong, it felt damn good, but it didn’t have enough juice to get me off. I should have put it on the charger but I didn’t want to just yet.”

“How did you get off?!” As if a man who’s spent 56 years with his cock wouldn’t have figured out another way.

He laughed. “I used the Pulse with it.”

“Holy shit, you must have come like a fucking rocket!”

“Yep. Fastest orgasm of my life. Nearly shot come across the bed!”

About the Atom Plus

holding the Atom PlusDisclaimer:We love Hot Octopuss so much we joined their affiliate program.

If you’re wondering if John Brownstone enjoyed his time spent (multiple times spent) with the Atom Plus, you’re absolutely right. We fell in love with Hot Octopuss ages ago so when he gets a new toy, he doesn’t exactly wait for me. #SexBloggerProblems, am I right?

I love knowing he uses sex toys — with or without me — and I really love that he always has such a good experience with Hot Octopuss. While he also received the Atom (the smaller version), he hasn’t tried that one yet because he wants to use it with me. (Who said romance is dead?) My health has made penetrative sex a bit problematic so that one has to wait.

So here’s what John Brownstone has to say about the Atom Plus…

What he likes about it:

  • It’s quiet. Yes, it buzzes but it’s not obnoxious.
  • This is a very powerful cock ring, assuming it’s fully charged.
  • For him (although this isn’t true for every penis), it fit around both his shaft and his testicles with no problems.
  • The button to change the vibrations was easy to get to and use.

What he doesn’t like about it:

  • The power button is at the bottom meaning you have to do an awkward reach-around to turn it on. (Or, he could just ask his lovely assistant to do it, buuuuuut, he keeps playing alone.)

From John Brownstone directly: “I have never experienced or used a cock ring that goes around the balls, prior to the Atom Plus. I was a little nervous about it, but once I got it on, I was pleasantly surprised. It’s very comfortable.”

When I asked him if he got the perineum stimulation that the Atom Plus provides, his response was, “Yeeeeeeeeeesssssss!”

Is it an expensive cock ring? Yes, I won’t pretend otherwise. The power, technology, and all-around (pun intended) stimulation will make it worth it for some people. Especially if all you’ve ever used are those cheap vibrating cock rings that last for a few uses. But for other people, maybe not. It all depends on what you enjoy and what you want (and can afford) in a sex toy.

If you’re looking for a high-end silicone cock ring that will last and has plenty of power, the Atom Plus is definitely one to consider.

Because we love Hot Octopuss so much, we joined their affiliate program. Shop Hot Octopuss

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