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What Now? #MasturbationMonday

See that smutty, smutty image? That’s this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt. And it inspired some disdain and disgust on Twitter over the weekend. So here’s my request, even if you don’t read the posts (although I totally think you should) or even read my post, feel free to head over to the Masturbation Monday page and share the hell out of that link and that image as often as you can. We can’t silence the haters but we can definitely raise our voices to show appreciation for our sexual preferences and a more sex positive world.

“Well…now what?”

We’d tried two new toys (review coming later) and weren’t even close to satisfied. It was a strange moment. Instead of panting, sweating, and forgetting our own names, we looked at each other across sheets that weren’t mussed. Two naked bodies still able to function. Hmmmm, something was wrong here.

“You can always suck my cock.”

“Oh yeah. That’s right. I can.”

Would you believe me if I told you its been weeks since I wrapped tongue and lips around his shaft? That I felt shy and uncertain for a moment? Well, really only about half a second. His silky skin, the heat pouring from his body, and his clean, masculine smell sent molten desire through my body.

I fell on his cock, sucking and slurping, running the tip of my tongue up and down his shaft. I sucked his glans like a lollipop. I created a vacuum with my mouth and released him with a POP!

He grunted and groaned. His eyes rolled back in his head.

I grinned.

I gently nibbled the sensitive flesh. I drooled down his body into his balls. I took his cock as far into my throat as possible.

He trembled. His toes curled. He clenched his fists in the sheets, his knuckles turning white.

I smirked.

I admit it, I’m a tease. I enjoy the build up of bringing him to the edge of his control. And then stopping. From my perspective, at that point, he’ll make it clear what he wants.

This was one of those times.

He panted, his body tense. I giggled.

“What now, Daddy?”

“You tell me, Babygirl.”

I blushed. My mouth was dry. The giggles were gone.

“Well?” His voice deepened. He was going to make me say it.

I gave his cock one last lick as I moved over his chest to bury my face in his neck.

My words were muffled but clear enough. “Can we fuck now?”

Now it was his turn to smirk.

“Oh yes, Babygirl, we can definitely do that.”

And now you’ll call me a tease, too. Yes, I am definitely that. Okay, this week’s prompt has inspired plenty of smutty goodness. Go forth and enjoy this, the best of all days, Masturbation Monday (to be celebrated any damn day of the week)!

Image/Masturbation Monday prompt via Tumblr

Masturbation Monday

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