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The Fuck That Finally Cleared My Mind

In the past few weeks, my mind has been a jumble. From anxiety to stress to not enough sleep, I’ve felt foggy and lost. I have no doubt it helped tank my libido, and it certainly made kinky fuckery more difficult.

The fog began to lift — a good cry helps — and even though I felt hung over from all my emotions last week, I was much less resistant to the idea of sex and lust and John Brownstone’s control.

When he held out his hand to me in the middle of the afternoon, I only hesitated a second before reaching for him. I didn’t question him as he pulled me from the couch and lead me down the hallway. He clearly had something sexy in mind, and my brain didn’t resist. In fact, I may have heard the whisper of, “You’re going to like whatever this is” in the dark recesses of my mind.

He undressed me, my shorts pooled at my feet. My shirt tossed to parts unknown. Leaning down, he cupped my breast as he teased and nipped at my areola. I squeaked and giggled even as heat pooled deep in my cunt.

He reached between my thighs to stroke my labia.

“Gentle,” I murmured. Too rough and my clit would go into hibernation.

“I know,” he whispered against my neck, licking and sucking.

I still don’t remember how we ended up in the bed. But I remember the lube on his fingers as he stroked my cunt, part petting, part seeking every warm, wet, sensitive spot I possess.

Small, shuddery orgasms rippled through my body. The first a slow building hesitation. Followed by stronger, more confident waves of pleasure. Instead of clenching my jaw against the rising tidal wave, I gasped and sighed, oh-ing and yes-ing through the sensations.

His cock bobbed and twitched against my hip and bottom as I contorted with pleasure.

“Do you want me to grab the vibrator while we fuck?” For once, I didn’t care whether he said yes or no.

“No. I only want to feel you.”

And he did. Sinking in deep, he groaned with pleasure.

From there, I was sure this would be a comfortable fuck. Much like our early morning fucks. His hands roamed my body, nearly scorching my skin with their heat. Pulled hair. Pinched nipples. Nails down my back.

But he had something else in mind.

Pulling out, he grabbed my waist and twisted. It took a moment for me to realize what he wanted. On my knees, ass in the air, head down on the pillow, I practically vibrated with anticipation. Doggy style has long been my favorite position.

No longer luxuriating in our closeness, he pounded my cunt, teasing my g-spot. The quiet sounds of tempered sex were gone. Now we both grunted and groaned, ahh-ed and yes-ed.

His palm landed on my flank with a sharp smack. I felt a second’s hesitation from him before we remembered, noise wasn’t an issue anymore. The next landed harder than before.

“You like that?” Each word said in a gasp as he pistoned harder and faster.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I babbled in response. Fuck yes, don’t stop, keep going.

The freedom to make noise, to fuck louder than we have in months, unleashed his reserve. This was no longer just about the physical contact.

“Are you my little slut?”

I mumbled an affirmative into the bed.

“I can’t hear you.”

“Yes, Daddy, yes, yes, yes!”

I don’t remember every filthy thing he said. Until he pulled out and twisted my body again. Landing in our spoon positions, the intensity didn’t diminish even as we both relaxed into the bed.

“You want my cock don’t you? Tell me you want it.”

“Yes,” I gabbled. “Yes, Daddy. I want your cock.” The words never come easily, no matter how much I mean them. And he knows it.

“You want my come, don’t you?”

Code for, I’m about to bust a nut deep in your cunt. There’s only one answer.

“Yes, Daddy. Yessssss!”

One final thrust, and his body stiffened as he groaned as loud as I’ve heard him in ages. He came…and came…and came. We both lay in the bed, breathing hard, unsure if movement was possible.

Later, when body fluids had been cleaned off sticky skin and clothes were back in place, I felt the change in my mind. I could focus. Sit down and do a bit of work. Feel good about the day and week ahead.

Clearly what I’d needed more than anything had been a good fuck.

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