Masturbation Monday

While I Watched #MasturbationMonday

While I watched, he touched himself.

While I watched, he sighed into the bed.

While I watched, his eyes closed in bliss.

While I watched, his hand gripped his cock.

While I watched, he stroked himself lazily.

While I watched, his shaft became rigid and dark.

While I watched, he breathed faster.

While I watched, he hand moved quicker.

While I watched, he cupped his balls.

While I watched, both hands worked in tandem.

While I watched, he groaned quietly.

While I watched, his eyes squeezed tight.

While I watched, his toes curled.

While I watched, his fingers stroked and strummed faster than before.

While I watched, his head fell back.

While I watched, his mouth fell open.

While I watched, his body went rigid.

While I watched, hot cream spurted.

While I watched, he milked his cock.

While I watched, he came back down to earth.

While I watched, he pleased both of us.

Y’all, I almost didn’t think I was going to have anything good to share with you this Masturbation Monday, but John Brownstone came (uhhh, pun totally intended) through for me. I was sick this weekend (all better now) and really wasn’t feeling up for kinky fun, but I can watch him masturbate no matter how bad I feel. Rawr.

Okay, one thing, y’all, before you go check out this week’s smutty smut from other bloggers and writers, check out this post ===> Masturbation Month is Coming to find out all the fun we’re going to have this May for Masturbation Month! And then when you’re done, go get your smutty smut!

Masturbation Monday

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