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The Vibrations Wet Our Appetite #review

“Whatcha doin’?” The twinkle in his eye told me this wasn’t an innocent question.

“Sitting down to read Masturbation Monday posts…why?”

“Go put on the panties I’ve laid out and put in the Vibease. It’s charged up and ready to go.”

My eyes widened. Now? Really? Yay!!!

We’d received the small purple vibe a few days before but life kept getting in the way of playtime. Back in my chair, laptop powered up, with steamy, smutty goodness to read, and he began.

The buzzing made me jump. It sounded deafening to my ears, even as the pulsing and vibrations became the focus of my attention.

“Do you hear that, Daddy?”

“Not a thing, babygirl. Pretty quiet. Do you feel this?”

He changed the setting. Instead of pulsing, it was a near constant. Then he changed it up again. Start. Stop. Start. Stop. I jumped each time.

I read and commented on the different posts. I know there were some good ones. At this point, I couldn’t tell you what they were about. The only memory left is soft, purple, and buzzes.

I was grateful the boys were in bed already as I squirmed and twitched in my seat. Finally, I was done reading and set aside the computer. He, however, was still playing.

Did I mention the playing was on his phone? From outward appearances, I looked fidgety and he looked like he was playing a game (which I guess he was, lol). Inwardly, I was on a low simmer. Not enough to get off, but enough to make me crazy with wanting to. This wasn’t enough for even a small explosion, but gawd, it felt good.

“Are you done yet, Daddy?”

“That depends. Are you?”

He was ready for bed. I was ready for him to set it on the highest setting.

By the time we were ready for bed, I’d set aside the vibe and found a way to ignore the feeling of need more. Kneeling on the bed, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I figured the little bit of playing was only a tease.

He stroked my ass. “I think we’ll need to take that out to dinner with us one night.”

I may or may not have audibly gulped. Would I be able to keep a straight face? I guess we’ll find out eventually.

Abruptly, with no further words spoken, he grabbed my ankle flipped me on my back, and pulled me to the edge of the bed. There was a different gleam in his eyes. Primal. Desire. Control.

My body shuddered in response, and my thighs parted more, an invitation. Come take what’s yours.

He barely touched my body, and I was soaked. “Still feeling the effects from earlier?”

I nodded, words unnecessary. He grinned, that evil smirk I know well. “Good. It can stay in the collection.”

He was done speaking. With a smooth thrust, he slid his cock deep. I groaned and closed my eyes. He felt good.

He fucked me hard and fast. I grasped the sheets, tangling them in a white-knuckled grip. Pushing forward, he threw my legs over his shoulder and bore down on my body. The rough thrusting took my breath away. The stretch in my legs was painful. He wound his fingers in my hair and pulled my head back in a tight grip. I squeaked and squealed, bucking underneath him, driven wild by the pain and pleasure.

He slid back, lowering my legs only to spread them as wide as possible. Holding my thighs apart, he slowed down, teasing me with the tip of his cock. I moved my hips forward, desperate for more. He watched me trying to fuck myself and simply waited. When I finally stopped, he sank in deep again.

Sweat poured off our bodies. The smell of sex and desire surrounded us both. Just when I thought I could take no more, he shouted out and thrust one final time.

We lay in a heap for several long minutes, neither of us capable of movement or thought. Just as I thought he may have drifted off, I heard a mumbled, “Yeah, I think I like that new toy of yours.”

“Me too, Daddy. Me too.”

The Vibease

Vibease-pinkSo yeah, that happened. It was a mean tease followed by a painfully delicious fuck. Let me give you my two cents on the Vibease. Full disclosure: I received one in exchange for an honest review.

While in my panties, it wasn’t enough to get me off, even though it touched my outer labia and clitoris, and was a snug fit against my body. It felt great, though, and I did wonder if we played with it in bed if it would (eventually) bring me to orgasm. That doesn’t mean it won’t for anyone else, but if you’re the type to need a lot of direct stimulation, you might have a similar experience.

It’s definitely got a kink-in-public aspect to it that I hope we’re able to try out soon. While I could hear the buzzing, he couldn’t hear it from even a foot away. I jumped with every setting change he tried, so that might be what would give us away in public – or I’d be challenged to hide my reaction.

According to the website, the remote control function (it’s an app you download to your phone) works within five feet. On his Android that was very true. On my iPhone, he managed to walk 15 feet away before it stopped working. For my long-distance buds, your significant other can “control” it regardless of how far away you are. Both your phones have to be connected to the internet, and you can send each other settings via your phone to control the vibe.

You don’t have to use it with the app. It’s got a lovely little on/off button, and I really think it would be interesting to try in bed – considering the way we play with toys.

Oh, and you get two color choices – pink and purple. Of course, I went with purple. It’s very small – it fits in the palm of my hand, and VERY soft, which I liked, too.

For my kinky friends who want to try a little public play with remote action, this could be an option. If you’re not overly sensitive to stimuli, you probably won’t orgasm right off, but it’s definitely a pleasant feeling and had me ready for a good fuck with no orgasm required.

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