We’re Officially Celebrating 100 Episodes!


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It’s here! Finally! The 100th episode of the Loving BDSM podcast!

Is it really that big of a deal? Maybe only to John Brownstone and myself, but I promise you when we started this “idea” of mine in 2015, I don’t think either of us realized where it might lead. So yeah, it’s a big deal. The best part is that I feel like we’re only just beginning. We’ve got episodes, blog posts, and videos right now with plans for more content, more audio, more video, and some live speaking events. And I can’t wait to get started!

This week’s topic is a new one for us – we’re counting down our top ten episodes of all time (so far) with a few quick tips about each topic. You might not care about that part – especially if you’ve heard every episode so far. What might you care about instead?

How about another giveaway?!?!?!

That’s right, sponsored in part by Godemiche, we’ve got another giveaway going from September 22, 2017 through October 6, 2017. The winner will receive a year-long top-tier membership to the Loving BDSM community and their choice of one of John Brownstone’s weapons of ass destruction (a paddle or a cane).

Whether you want to listen to us ramble for 100th time or you just want to enter the giveaway, you know what to do…

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