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The box was open between us on the bed. We perused through the offerings like kids in a candy store.

I held up a single-use masturbator. “You said you’d be willing to try this one. Is today the day?”

He laughed. “Yeah, I did, didn’t I? Sure, hand it over.”

I forgot about my own pursuit of pleasure as I watched him read the instructions and open the canister.

“Feel this.” I stuck my finger inside the opening. It felt cool and slick, but spongy.

“Does a pussy feel like this?” Clearly I haven’t had my own fingers inside of my body in quite a while.

“No!” He chuckled a bit. “What do you have?”

I held up a mini-vibe. It was small, and I wondered, if after all this time of only using the Hitachi on occasion, if it would do anything. “I’ve got this.”

“Well, let’s go.”

I stopped everything to gather up towels. My beautiful purple comforter was not going to be sacrificed to this masturbatory experiment. The Hitachi makes me gush like a geyser. While I knew the mini-vibe was going to be much less powerful, I wasn’t taking any chances.

I giggled as we laid back against the pillows. Our pleasure often comes from the other. Side by side in bed with our own toys felt a little clinical. But I really wanted a few orgasms, too, and this kind of mutual masturbation allowed me to have as many as I wanted without needing permission for each one. It felt a little like the old days.

I turned on the vibe and slowly introduced it to my clit. Experience with the wand makes me leery of any vibrator. I should have known better. The vibrations ran down through my pussy and up through my hand. I moved it around my slit and lips to adjust to the sensation. It felt good, but it was nowhere near enough stimulation. I pressed the tip into my clit.

My hips began to move. I placed my hand on his thigh – for support? reassurance? I don’t know – and as the sensations mounted, my nails dug into his flesh. Over the buzz, I heard him gasp. I also heard the squelching from his own toy. It might not feel like a pussy, but it sure sounded like a wet one being fucked. The noise turned me on.

I closed my eyes and moved the vibe slightly. The first orgasm hit in a small wave. The second was only a few seconds behind. Instead of lightning streaking through my limbs, each climax was a wave crashing over me.

More. I needed more.

Pressing the vibrator harder into my body, each orgasm hit on top of the one before it. My thighs clamped down over my hand in a futile attempt to decrease the pressure. I forced another orgasm from my body.

Gasping for air, I pulled the toy away and listened to the wet sounds of his toy combined with his own groans of pleasure. I was turned on and wanted more. One last time, I set the vibe against my sensitive body.

My toes curled and my back arched. I screamed as spasms wracked my body. Through my own haze of pleasure, I heard his own growls as he found his own release. Throwing the vibe to one side, I shuddered and shook as aftershocks rolled through my body.

Once we’d both caught our breath, and he’d removed the toy from his cock (breaking the toy in the process – oops!), we grinned at each other.

“That was fun!”

He chuckled. “Yes, it was.”

“We should do that again!”

“Yes babygirl, but maybe another day.”

We settled into post-orgasmic bliss, each thinking our own thoughts. I was already plotting how we could have more playtime like this in the future.

O is for orgasm! You didn’t think I would miss an opportunity on Masturbation Monday to share orgasms and masturbation, did you? Ha! Never! I have a review coming for the box where these two toys came from – and so many others, holy hell. Be on the lookout for it! Okay, now go forth and read other smutty goodness on this, the best of all days.

Orgasmic Bliss

Orgasmic Bliss

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