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Pleasure Between My Thighs

pleasure from the Power Bullet vibrator - a review

I’ve been on a gang bang porn kick. Whenever I’ve wanted to feel orgasmic pleasure this past week, I’ve opened the Tumblr app and looked for gang bang porn. It always took so long to find it, but when I did, it was completely worth it.


I closed Tumblr, having watched the same four minute clip over and over again. My cunt throbbed with a deep ache. Pulsed. I could almost feel the my clit and labia swell.

The only thing that could provide real relief would be an orgasm, but I was almost afraid to put my hand between my legs. I worried I might explode into an immediate orgasm.

The last thing I wanted was a quick release. I didn’t need a slow build-up, but I certainly wanted to enjoy the fireworks.

Not even certain it would be enough to provide even a single orgasm, I pulled out the Power Bullet by Pink B.O.B. sent to me by Too Timid (in exchange for an honest review). I’ve never had much luck with bullet vibrators but this one looked bigger than most.

I could only hope it would be enough for the craving now gnawing at my insides, brought on by the degradation, humiliation, and sheer force I’d watched earlier. Turning on the bullet vibe, I was surprised at the strength of the buzzing in my palm. I cycled through a few patterns, settling on the steady vibrations.

I laid the broad side against my clit, spreading my legs wide so the small toy could reach as deep as possible. Having been on edge for the past few minutes, it took only a few moments for the electric pleasure to streak up my legs toward the center of my body.

The first orgasm shuddered through my body, small but intense, something I felt deep in my bones. Normally, I’d back off, afraid that I was too sensitive for more. This time, I pressed the bullet harder against my clit, hoping for something bigger in the next one.

At first, nothing, and then, lightning sparked and fizzed and I felt my body rock to the side. I closed my thighs around the bullet vibrator, driving it harder against my clit. My hips bucked once, twice, as my heels dug into the bed, kicking the sheets to the side. I swung from one side to the other, knowing I could release myself from the painful pleasure by opening my thighs. Instead, I clung to the deep throb pulsing through every cell.

A moment later, as my breath came in great heaving gasps, the pleasure subsided, leaving only an echo behind. I tried other vibration settings but there would be no more orgasms.

Saturday morning…

I needed to get up and work, having put off a project far too long. But what I really wanted to do was spend time with Tumblr again. I scrolled and scrolled…and scrolled. Finally…more gang bang porn. I watched for a few minutes and realized that maybe, just maybe, I could watch and masturbate.

Pulling out the Power Bullet again, I turned it on (with a bit of difficulty) and found the right setting. I opened my thighs wide, placed the vibrator against my clit again, and closed my legs. (Never say I don’t learn from past experiences.)

As the scene progressed on my screen, the ache between in my clit grew. I felt the orgasm approaching and squeezed tighter around the vibrator. My climax flowed like lava. The second was just as intense. I put my hand over my vulva, as if to stop the intensity. Instead the next orgasm hit and hot fluid poured over my fingers and onto the bed.

My attention was finally pulled away from the screen. What the…? I stared at my soaked hand and realized that I’d come so hard that I was wet from my lower abdomen to mid-thigh. And that I was lying in a puddle of my own making.

About the Power Bullet

Power Bullet by Pink B.O.B. reviewWhen Too Timid gave me the choice of what to review, I picked the Pink B.O.B. Power Bullet primarily because it was purple (I admit my obsession). I was also curious to see if a larger bullet vibrator could actually get me off. Clearly it can, but not without limitations.

  • Only the steady vibration worked for me. Which is typical for me. It’s rare for patterns to get me off.
  • It’s the largest bullet vibe I’ve tried and also the most powerful.
  • Thankfully, it’s still extremely discreet and quiet.
  • The end isn’t flat or overly rounded, it comes to a point. That point created a painful sensation in my body so I used the long end against my clit.
  • The power button is the same one that changes the settings. It’s extremely difficult to push the button and I could only change the settings by pulling it away from my body. Not fun.

The Power Bullet is made of silicone and ABS plastic. It’s also rechargeable and when I took it out of the box, it needed less than an hour to charge up.

Overall, no matter how small or big the orgasms were, they only lasted a few minutes. I have no answer for why, only that it was a bit frustrating. I like to be wrung out and exhausted. The moment didn’t last long enough for that. That being said, the orgasms were still satisfying.

Check out the Power Bullet Vibrator for yourself.

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