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She Wondered About Him…

I love Tumblr, but when I found this, I was shocked. Did he crawl into my mind when he wrote this?? I almost cried. It was nearly word-for-word what I’ve thought in the past. I felt compelled to share it with you, because I’m incapable of saying it better than this:

She wondered about him sometimes. There were doubts now and again. Was he really in it for the long run? Were his feelings honest and truthful? Were his words genuine or did he only tell her what her heart needed to hear? She did trust him. It had not always been that way but he had proven to her over time who he was. She had let him inside, the same way he had opened up to her. But there was always that little question mark in the back of her mind. Wondering. Analyzing. Doubting.

Their situation was complicated. Circumstances were far from ideal and challenging at the best of times. That wasn’t new to them. They had known all along where they stood and what limitations they would constantly face. Sometimes it seemed easy to manage, at other times the pain of reality cut particularly deep. Certain thoughts crossed her mind from time to time making her question if it was all worth it. Would it be better to stop now while the pain of ending it would be somewhat bearable? What would they potentially lose and miss out on by going their separate ways now?

She didn’t want him to slip away slowly. Her imagination pictured his life changing and with it his feelings for her. Maybe he wouldn’t need her any longer. Maybe he would get what she gave him in different ways. Maybe she was just a band aid to him at this point in his life that could easily be replaced. What if this was not as special as they had always thought? Most things eventually come to an end. Maybe they would, too.

She was wrong. He knew of the thoughts invading her mind at times. He had them about her, too. But he also knew that the bond between them went far beyond the physical. It always had. There was deep affection and caring, unwavering trust, support and concern for the other’s well-being. There was simple love, pure and uncomplicated. Those were the things their relationship was built upon. The kind of things that would stand the test of time and were worth fighting for regardless of any challenges or dark thoughts standing in their way. He would make sure of that!

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