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My Imagination Runs Wild #MasturbationMonday

From Ikea

From Ikea

We have a new bed. We bought it with one thing in mind – and it wasn’t sleep. I’m writing this on a Friday for you to read on a Monday, and I have no idea what will happen over the course of the weekend, but my imagination runs wild…

Tied to the bed, blindfolded, open and waiting upon his every whim.

Will it be the Hitachi? Forced orgasms soaking the freshly washed sheets beneath me? Will we remember the towels this time?

Will I scream myself raw as each wave of violent, dripping orgasm is forced out of my body?

Will he fuck me? No touching, no raking my nails down his back, just being used as his fucktoy?

Will he inflict pain? The flogger, the cane, the crop, his hands?

Will he simply run his hands across my body, tweaking nipples, fingering my cunt, stroking my clit, until I can take no more? Will he let me cum?

Will he strap the vibrator to my body, just out of reach of my clit? Will he keep me on edge while he has his way? Will he leave me there while he reads a book?

What will happen with this amazing new bed? I have no idea, and I have no doubt what he decides will be beyond my wildest imagination.

I’m working on plans for the official Masturbation Monday page. Have patience with me, please! In the meantime, feel free to write your own masturbation-inducing posts and share the link in the comments below!

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