Masturbation Monday

I Found Him Irresistible #MasturbationMonday

Long days and short nights. Our life is in supreme chaos, but it’s out of love, choice, and with an eye to the future. There’s not a lot of time for kinky play, but we make do. A spanking, fucked while bending over the bed, fucked again a few hours later.

Sometimes, though, it’s not about the big scene or the marathon sex. It’s too few and far between to count on right now.

Sometimes, it’s the small moments.

I watched him change clothes, lost in the minutia of his day. Off go the shorts used only for modesty as he’d walk around naked if he could. Out come the boxer briefs, the shorts, the belt, the shirt – his uniform for the day, the set of clothes that says ‘I’m an upstanding citizen.’ I like that uniform, but his kinky look is good too – jeans, dark shirt, black boots…yum.

But on this day, kink was no where to be found. As he walked around the room, cleaning his glasses, checking his phone, simply living in his head, my eyes followed his every movement. The lines of his legs captivate me. The muscles in his thighs fascinate me. I needed to be close, to touch him.

I’d hugged him moments before, stroking his cock, kneading his balls, pouring all of my desire into a momentary touch, knowing there was no time for anything else. The effect I have on him was on display. His cock jutted forward, proud and hard, begging to be worshiped. As my eyes moved up his legs and thighs, my mouth watered at the physical “proof” of his desire.

I crawled on hands and knees to him. I was desperate for a taste. I knew there was no time for anything more, but my mouth watered at the thought of even a small taste.

He jumped, then chuckled when I swiped my tongue across his shaft. That dark chuckle of a man who knows he could take what he pleases but doesn’t have to.

He gasped as I took his cock down my throat. I love that gasp. That’s my power.

“Okay, babygirl. Enough. We have to get ready.”

And with that, the morning continued. Back to real life. But even when I’m not on my knees in front of him, tasting his cock, I always find him irresistible.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Not a lot of time to write about an amazing night of spankings and fuckings that left me boneless, but it did happen (thank gawd!). This moment, early on a Sunday morning, seemed appropriate. Okay, with that, go forth and read other offerings on this, the best of all days!

Masturbation Monday

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