Masturbation Monday

I Didn’t Expect to be Fucked

I didn't expect sex or to give him a blowjob

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I didn’t expect sex or think it was an option. John Brownstone had hurt himself just enough to slow down but (thankfully) not enough to need a doctor.

A woodshop project gone wrong and he ended up with a swollen hand and deep bruise on his chest. I couldn’t hold his hand, couldn’t squeeze him too tight.

So I think I can be forgiven for assuming fucking wouldn’t happen for a while.

He had other ideas.

An early Saturday morning. No meetings. Deadlines that could be ignored for a few hours. A holiday thisclose.

We cuddled in bed. I touched him gingerly, afraid of hurting him. The room was dark. Quiet. A perfect way to start the day.

He stroked my hair, and I purred.

His fingers pressed against my skull, closing around my hair. The sharp sting made my cunt contract. But what…?

I knew his plan immediately as he pulled my head over his pelvis. His cock jutted up from the blankets, twitching with an unspoken urgency.

My mouth, hot and greedy, covered his shaft. He pushed slightly and I gagged. Damn I’m out of practice, but fuck, I love it.

I slurped and sucked, swirling my tongue around the crown of his cock, letting go with a loud POP! He groaned, even has his hand pushed me back down. Each time I came up for air, he nudged me back.

His skin was hot and tight against my tongue, silky and soft. I swear I could feel his blood pulsing under my tongue. Before I could figure it out for sure, he pulled my head back and tossed me on my side.

With a growl, he grabbed my hips and sank in deep. My pussy dripped and squelched as he moved in and out, no less gentle even with his injuries. His sore hand draped across my middle, reflexively squeezing every few minutes even though he couldn’t hold me too tight.

I thought he might be slow and gentle. Again…wrong.

When he finally came, it was with a groan, more of a roar, that he made no attempt to hide.

Merry Christmas and Masturbation Monday! We’re celebrating with the kids today but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to share a little smutty goodness today. I didn’t expect sex on Saturday morning but it was a lovely surprise. If you’re looking for more smut, click below.purple badge that says Masturbation Monday

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