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Give Me More of What I Crave in 2018

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It’s a new year, a new beginning, a time to look forward. In 2018, let there be more…

More soft touches on slippery skin;

Seeking fingers in willing flesh;

Pleasurable pain that sears and comforts;

Toe-curling release;

Screaming orgasms;

Juicy gushes;

Bone-shaking quakes;

Muffled moans;

Roars and growls;

Devilish gleams in his eye;

Secret touches in dark corners;

Hard pinches;

Soft caresses;

Knowing looks;

Gruff commands;

Pink skin;

Marks as memories;

Deep thrusts;

Pulled hair;

Raked nails across flesh;

Heels dug into mattresses;

Surfaces to bend over;

Muffled thwaps;

Loud smacks;

Sharp sensations;

Tender kisses;

Stroked heads;

Held hands;

Conspiratorial smiles;


And above all, more love, kink, desire, need.

I’m not one for looking back and reminiscing. You can’t trust my memories. But when I look back on 2017, I see a lot of work, effort, and dream-building. Not a lot of kinky fuckery, relaxing, and enjoying each other. When the end of 2018 rolls around, I hope I look back and only remember the shared desire, pleasure, and sexual release between us and whoever else we love and desire in the coming year.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Not a lot of sexy fun going on right now – being at my mom’s house has a way of drying up my entire sexual self. But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about what happens when we go home. If you’d like some sexy, kinky smut in the here and now, click below!

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