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Rub Me Right

“Are you gonna rub my butt?”

“Yes, babygirl, I’m gonna rub your butt.” He always sounds so calm.

“Are you gonna rub other places?” I waggled my eyebrows in what I’d like to think was a suggestive manner.

He chuckled. “Yes, I’m gonna rub other spots. Now go pick out the one you want.”

We’d received a pack of lotions and other fun stuff from The Butters (in exchange for an honest review), and I’d been itching to try them. The body butter is a lotion (but waaaaay better, as I prefer body butters because they’re thick and creamy) or, as Jerome told me by email, good for sensual massage. Yes please!

I settled on No. 7 (lavender), got naked, and waited.

“Are you coming?! I’m waaaait-ing.” Sometimes the sass really is strong.

A smack on my ass, sharp and burning, was his reply. Oh there he was. Right on time.

I’ve always loved his gentle touches as much (if not more) than the rough ones. His hands are always warm. His touch is strong and firm. And, silly as it may sound, I feel his love deep in my bones.

He smoothed a bit of the body butter over my shoulders and began to massage my muscles. I melted into the bed. It smelled good. He felt good. Everything was perfect.

He took his time, first my shoulders, until the skin tingled under his touch, down my back, taking his time on the side of my torso, parts that don’t always get a lot of attention. My body responded to him, even as he kept his attention high on my back. As he moved down to the small of my back and my hips, I wiggled my butt. Suggestively? Hopefully? Does it matter?

I was the sole focus of his attention. His fingers pressed into knotted muscles. His palms soothed my skin. The body butter made every movement easier. Warmth flooded my cunt. I loved this, but I needed more. Much more.

As he cupped my bottom, playing with jiggly flesh, working tense muscles, I raised my hips in an invitation. Please touch me here. You know what I want.

He ignored me, continuing to knead my muscles and skin. It felt so good. Better than I’d expected. I sank into the bed, eyes closed, wishing for more, still happy with what I had.

When he pushed my feet apart, my eyes snapped open. Yessssssssss! My hips were up again, presenting myself for him, desperate to feel his fingers in that one spot.

He obliged – in his own way. He run my outer labia, ignoring my slit and clitoris. It was enough to make me whimper, to push back against his hand. He chuckled again.

With one hand, he worked my back and butt. The other teased me, barely skimming there, pressing over here, not touching the one spot I needed. I whimpered.

Even without the attention on my clit or deep inside, desire was swamping my brain. My toes curled. Goosebumps shot across my skin. My nipples were painfully tight, pressing into the bed. I felt damp heat gather between my legs. When he finally pressed a slick finger right where I wanted most, I moved back and forth against it, getting what I wanted, until…

“Please, can I come?!”

“Of course, babygirl.”

It was a small, shuddery orgasm. The kind that causes spasms and takes your breath away, curls your toes and makes you buck a little. Just enough to relax me more.

“That’s enough for tonight.”

Awwww, I had an entire front that still needed attention. I tried not to pout. He’d given me what I wanted when I knew he really just wanted to go to bed.

“Will you rub my tits and tummy later?” And my pussy? But I left that unspoken. He knew what I meant.

“Another night, babygirl. Now that you’re relaxed, I think it’s time for bed.”

About the Lavender Essential Body Butter

Y’all know I looooove the Butters lube. I make no secret of that. So when Jerome, the maker of all things Butters, asked if I wanted to try his skin care line, I was willing. When he said his body butter could be used for sensual massage, I enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity. Yes, please! I liked all the scents he sent, but when doing sort of a “blind” pick, the Lavender Essential was my favorite.

We received four different body butters, a skin moisturizer (I haven’t tried it yet) and a Coffee and Sea Salt facial scrub. John Brownstone, a man who’s never exfoliated his skin in his life, tried it and loved it. “My skin feels tingly!” My response? That’s what happens when you exfoliate. Ha!

Back to the body butters. Because I don’t have a sensitive vagina (more so than the way all pussies are kind of sensitive to things), I didn’t have a problem with his fingers, liberally coated in the body butter, being inside me.  It’s safe for that part of your body, but if you’re prone to yeast infections or UTIs, handle that in a way that’s right for you. It’s great as a moisturizer on your skin, for sure, but it was amazing for a sexy massage, too. He loved that it wasn’t messy like oil can be. I loved that my skin was soft and smelled good after the fact.

What’s in it? From the website:

Pure organic aloe vera fillet gel, raw grade a golden ghanaian shea butter*, pure coconut oil, pure extra virgin olive oil, pure grapeseed oil, pure palm kernel oil*, pure soy lipid emulsion*, apple cider vinegar, guar gum, lavender essential oil

*On the rare occasion I’m out of one, it will be substituted with pure cocoa butter #upgrade


Hypoallergenic, vegan, long-lasting moisture, only tested on human skin, hair and insides of many ethnicities and types, Ph balanced, clean drying, edible, neutral taste and smell, safe for internal use (vagina, anus, pregnancy-safe), UV protection, clean-drying, amplifies natural lubrication, safe for pets and babies, non-toxic, produced/packed/stored to ServSafe standards.

Get the Butters

Want to get some of your own? Use code “KAYLA” and save 5% off your order. What prices can you expect? As low as $1 and $7-$8 for others – and in between. Whaaaaaat?! Yep, he’s affordable too.

Lavender Esstential Body Butter

Coffee and Sea Salt Scrub

Shop the entire site (we highly recommend the Butters lube!)

Photo Credits: Pixabay and The Butters

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