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I Want to Watch

The admission slipped out of him over dinner. “I’m into guys, too.” Maybe it should have surprised me. You might think I should have been bothered by it. Instead, a spark of something, electricity maybe, flew through my body. It was a jolt of need, desire, and above all, curiosity.

“Tell me more.”

We only gone out a couple of times. He’d fingered me in the car on the way back to my place last time. I’d cupped his cock in my hand when he kissed me goodnight. That was about it. Slow and steady by my reckoning. Until this strange admission. Oh, telling me he was bi wasn’t strange to me. Stating it over nachos was a bit weird, though. I leaned forward as he told me that he loved sucking cock, furtively looking around, worried someone would hear. Was he blushing or was that the heat of desire? Was it turning him on to admit this “dirty” little secret to me?

“You’re kinky and dominant with women. What about men?”

This time, he really did duck his head and blush. “I’m whatever feels right in the moment but I still like the control.” We didn’t touch in the car when he dropped me off. Each lost in our own thoughts, but I saw the hard on he tried to cover up. Cocks like his aren’t easy to hide. He didn’t try to kiss me this time. Instead, he leaned forward and whispered in my ear.

“I’d let you watch.” My breathing hitched in my throat. I felt the rush of warmth between my legs. “And yes, I’d let you join in.”

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  • Kayla!!! How am I to do author work now when my Master only went to bed 3 hours ago and I’m wanting to go get Him to fuck me now? 😀 Wow! That was wonderful… want to watch. It makes me think of The Queen, Raanan, and Vala (it’s some wonderful fuckery that you’ll love once I get to the re-releasing of “Gates of the Garden: Book Two.” But this was way way hot too 😀

  • Maybe I’m Weird, But; Him Inviting Her To Watch Him Suck Cock, Always Thinking He Was Strictly A Ladies Man, Is Very Cool! Sexy!

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