Masturbation Monday

I Don’t Let Go #MasturbationMonday

“We’re in such a sex rut, we’ve carved grooves into the ground.”

“Our sex is always good but it’s definitely become routine.”

“I don’t think we always have to physically fuck to have a good sexual moment together.”

John Brownstone and I have a lot of interesting conversations, but the one about our sex life and what we want it to be is the best in a long while.

It’s probably why I found myself straddling him, rubbing my dampness over his stomach, before bed. And why, as I stretched out next to him, when he reached down to reflexively scratch his balls, I pushed his hand away to help.

I love the feel of his skin under my fingertips. His testicles are the most delicate and sensitive part of him. I feel powerful when I hold them.

Both of us were tired. We weren’t going to get any real kinky fuckery in before sleep, and somehow that took the pressure off. I could touch him, stroke the length of him, cup his balls, and run my fingers up and down his body without thinking about what might come after.

Because sometimes, when neither of us is really in the mood for the “after,” a small moment like this is good by itself. And to be brutally honest, it’s mostly me – tired, worn down from long days, a head that won’t turn off. I can’t be asked if I want to have sex, the answer will almost always be “Not tonight.” Submitting to his desire takes the responsibility of a yes or no off of me, “forces” me (with total consent) to acquiesce to something my body and mind needs, even if my brain is being stubborn.

So this moment, fingertips and nails (yes, nails) worshiping steel and silk as his eyes close and his body relaxes – this moment is good, for both of us.

He grows in my hand. Flaccidity becomes iron. Limp because strength. I tease as I wrap my hand around him, “Let’s go for a walk, Daddy.”

As if I could ever lead him around by the cock or the balls. As if I’d want to.

He smiles and closes his eyes, giving in to the pleasure, trusting in me to make it feel good. And I do.

I don’t let go until he’s snoring.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! Not all masturbatory experiences are hot, heavy, or orgasmic. Funnily enough, John Brownstone said he slept great last night. Hmmm, wonder why. Ha! Okay, if you’re looking for the smut and heat, check out this week’s fun!

Masturbation Monday

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