Are You Afraid to Communicate With Your Dominant? #podcast

Okay, big, deep breaths over here. The second episode of Loving BDSM (our new podcast) is live and ready to go. Woohoo! John Brownstone still hasn’t made an appearance, but I have it on good authority, you’ll be hearing his voice in the next couple of weeks. And by “good authority,” I mean that I badgered him into telling me when he would record an episode. And by “badgered,” I really mean “asked sweetly in my best submissive voice.”


This week’s episode was inspired by an article I worked on this week for Submissive Guide about effectively communicating with a Dominant partner. In the episode I talk about the reasons submissives might have for not wanting to discuss big issues, ask for changes, or renegotiate part of the dynamic. I also share the steps I take when I need to talk to John Brownstone about something big – a request for more structure, a change in how we do things, you name it.

Y’all know how I feel about communication, so don’t be surprised if we talk about this again and again in future episodes.

From the show…

  • John Brownstone isn’t a figment of Kayla’s imagination. He must be real, he even has a website (http://southernsirsplace.com).
  • Submissives often ask “how do I talk to my Dominant” which is confusing. Don’t you already know how to talk to them? How else did you become their submissive?
  • Signs of a bad relationship versus signs your fears are getting in the way of communicating.
  • Real steps Kayla uses to discuss important topics with John Brownstone – from adding kinky fuckery to their relationship to a full renegotiation. You can use them, too!
  • Keep communicating! Even the small conversations are important.

As always, if you have any questions you’d like answered on an episode or any topic suggestions, let us know! (The comments are a good place for that, but you can always contact me privately, too.)

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