Masturbation Monday

The Best Part of Waking Up #MasturbationMonday

“Mmmm, good morning, Daddy.”

My voice sounded thick with sleep even to my own ears.

“I didn’t know you were awake, babygirl.”

He walked over to my side of the bed. His hand rested on my bare shoulder.

Turning, I let the sheet slip down, baring my breasts to his gaze.

“Mmmm, a beautiful sight, babygirl.”

I purred at his words. He pulled the blanket further down. I spread my legs in an invitation.

He cupped my mound. My back arched. Toes clenched, eyes closed, and I gave myself over to the sensations as his fingers began to move.

Oh yessssssss.

Leaning over, he took a taut nipple in between his teeth, sucking and nibbling. I sighed in pleasure before whimpering as need overwhelmed my senses.

His fingers played a magical tune along my clit until I bucked and screeched. Pulling away, I caught a quick grin on his face before he nuzzled my other breast, sucking it deep into his hot mouth.

He strummed and stroked my body until I began to beg in a familiar refrain. His muffled “Mmm-hmmm” was all the permission I needed. I exploded, writhing across the bed, my thighs clamping down over his fingers.

Pulling me back, he continued his assault. My body shook as another orgasm loomed, crashing over me in thick, heavy waves. Releasing my nipple with a slurp, he attacked my clitoris with a vengeance, wringing another and then another orgasm from me. I twisted and turned, crumpling the sheets, soaking the sheets with my pleasure.

Finally he released my body, watching me with a burning intensity as I continued to tremble and shake with aftershocks.

“Good morning, babygirl.”

My response was an incoherent mumble. His dark chuckle filled the room as he walked away, ready to begin his day.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! That’s what I call a good wake up! Now, go forth and enjoy this, the best of all days – no matter what day of the week the calendar shows.

Masturbation Monday

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