Masturbation Monday

Steamy #MasturbationMonday

I wiped away the condensation on the bathroom mirror from my hot shower. Steam filled the room as I looked into my own tired eyes.

I need a break, I thought to myself. Burning the candle at both ends was starting to wear on me. Up at 4:00 a.m. and passing out from exhaustion by midnight was too much. The boys had been driving me up the wall, and I wasn’t sure anymore if it was them or me.

The longer I stood in the bathroom, staring at my reflection, the more I began to notice the wet heat from the steam. My skin, pink from the hot shower, was covered in a steamy dew. The last time I felt that kind of heat had been a few weeks ago, right before he left again. Oh God, the things that man could do to my body.

I felt my pussy tighten at the memory of his mouth and hands on my body. I felt the blood rush to my core. My clit hardened as I remembered the look on his face, in his eyes, as he pounded into me with my legs thrown over his shoulders.

My hand reached to touch my swollen lips. My finger dipped to stroke my inner petals, already wet. I continued staring at myself in the mirror, watching my eyes, desperate to see what he sees.

I inserted a second finger and hooked them, tapping at the ridgy flesh. My hips bucked, and I gasped. My eyes fluttered shut, my lips parted as I sighed in pleasure. Opening my eyes, I saw raw passion flicker across my eyes.

Ohhhhh, this felt so good. As I felt my orgasm draw near, I brought my sticky fingers out of my pussy and began to circle my clit. With the barest touch, I stroked and stroked until I felt my cunt spasm. My body stiffened as the orgasm washed through me.

I stared into my own eyes as I slowly brought my fingers to my mouth, licking them clean, savoring my own taste.

God, I love a steamy shower, I thought.

For the record, this is fiction. I’m a good girl who only cums when granted permission. /giggles (There I go again, giggling in my own blog…)

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