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Our Family is Growing #WickedWednesday

When I say our family is growing, I am definitely not talking about babies (this factory is closed, thank you very much!).

I’m not talking about families in a sexual, kinky, or even poly kind of way, although polyamory is something John Brownstone and I are actively learning more about.

Nope. We got a dog, y’all!

I’ve had dogs most of my life, except for past three or four years. They’ve always been huge behemoths (big babies, really), and I’ve never been that excited about having a pet – or the responsibility.

It wasn’t cool to admit in my big-dog-loving family as a kid, but I’m a small dog kind of girl. I want a furbaby that’s actually the size of a baby. I want small bowls of food, small sweaters, and yes, small poops to pick up.

After weeks of planning, two shelters that ignored us completely, and three more weeks of waiting, our fur baby came home to us.

He’s more like an old man at 10 years old (that’s 70 in dog years, OMG) but he’s full of attitude and the whole family is already in love.

My mantra for the year is to slow the hell down and stop trying to get so much done in a day (which only stresses me out and fills me with anxiety). Nothing forces you to slow down like keeping a dog’s feeding and peeing schedule in your mind at all times.

Best of all, I have company throughout the day while I’m trying to work. When I talk to myself, I can pretend I’m talking to our sweet furbaby – even though he cares nothing about steely cocks and taut nipples. Ha!

So there you have it – new year, new situations, and a new addition to our family. Nothing sexy about it, but it’s made everyone in our family happier.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt is about introductions to new people or situations.

Wicked Wednesday

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