Masturbation Monday

I Begged Him

“May I please come to bed, Daddy?” I knelt at his feet beside the bed, looking up at him. I thought I knew what the answer would be.

He stood there naked, semi-hard. As he turned towards me, his cock was level with my mouth. Without a word, I opened and sucked, pulling him in and swirling my tongue until he was completely hard. I teased the tip with my tongue, looking directly into his eyes. Each time his breathing hitched or he bit his lip, a rush of heat filled my pussy. I knew what I was doing to him, and I enjoyed it.

Long before I was ready to be done, he pulled slightly away. I whimpered and looked up at him.

He held out a hand and helped me stand. “Get in the bed, girl.”

I attempted to jump up on the bed from his side and crawl my away across. He had other ideas.

The moment I was on top of the bed, he grabbed my waist and pressed me flat into the mattress. He spanked my ass until I stopped writhing. The pain didn’t penetrate, only the pleasure.

Pulling me onto my knees, he bent my legs back so my feet were by his shoulders. He fucked me like this for a few minutes, hitting my g-spot over and over again. I begged to cum. He didn’t reply, he just kept thrusting hard and harder.

Just as I thought I was going to explode, he pulled out of me and flipped me over onto my back. He yanked me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs apart. He inserted two fingers into my wet pussy and tapped my g-spot. I begged and begged, “Please, Daddy, can I come? Please?” He never said a word.

With his fingers still moving inside of me, he bent down and clamped his lips over my clit, sucking hard. I jack-knifed off the bed as I orgasmed over and over again. His mouth never moved from my body and his fingers never stopped.

Orgasms rolled through my body in waves, one after the other. Big wet ones. Small quivery ones. Every muscle in my body tensed as they slammed into me.

When he tired of that, he pulled my legs up so that I was bent into an L and he began to fuck me. Squelching sounds filled the room. His cock slammed into my g-spot again, over and over again. Every time I came, he stopped thrusting as my pussy clenched around his cock.

He placed a finger over my clit and continued to fuck me as he forced orgasm after orgasm from me. Without warning, he removed his hand and grabbed mine, forcing me to touch my own clit. I began to beg, “Please, no, Daddy, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.” He never said a word, but he decided that I could and I would.

He forced me to force my own orgasms as his cock continued to pound my g-spot. Every time I came, I cried a little from the pleasure and pain. I could feel the hot gush of fluid pouring out of my body. Finally, he let me move my hand away from my sensitive clit. But he never stopped thrusting into my g-spot. I never stopped cumming.

I began to float away, unable to make any sound, unable to react to anything he did.


His hand connected to my cheek, and my eyes rolled back in my head. I gasped and panted. He paused long enough to enjoy the clench of my muscles around his cock.


Another smack to the face. My mind was gone, and I floated in subspace as he fucked me until he collapsed on top of me, a sweaty, worn out mess.


Our bedroom was pitch black. I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or awake, but I felt a hand caressing my body. Mmmm, it felt so good.

Rough hands grabbed my hips. I woke with a start. He was ready for more.

Pulling my body into his, he spread my legs and entered me from behind. His cock felt so good inside of me.

He didn’t move.

Wait, what? But he felt so good…

He moved slowly, gently. Ohhhhhh God, he was hitting the perfect spot.

He stopped again.

No, no, no! I pushed my hips back into his pelvis. I wanted more, I needed more.

I felt his cock twitch inside my body. And then again. And once more.

I pushed back again. I couldn’t fuck him. The angle was wrong.

“Please, Daddy. Please fuck me, please fuck meeeeeeee,” I begged him.

His cock twitched again a few more times before he granted my wish.

As he thrust into me, it felt like he was hitting my clit from the inside out. I groaned into the pillow. He felt so good. More, I wanted more.

With his hand around my neck, he pulled me back into him, forcing my back to arch painfully. My breaths came in raspy gasps. Oh God, yes, this, this is what I wanted.

He began fucking me harder and faster until I heard his tell-tale growl and he thrust one final time, cumming inside of me.

“I think I like it when you beg, girl.”

“Me too, Daddy.”

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