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Babygirl Cries

Thank you Wicked Wednesday for inspiring and new Sir and babygirl story. This week’s prompt is “tears”…

“Babygirl, did you forget something this morning?”

Babygirl gasped. Within seconds, she knew what he referred to. She’d forgotten to send her morning picture to Sir. It never had to be much, as long as Sir saw babygirl’s face each morning, He was happy. She knew the rule still applied even when they were together because Sir didn’t want her to get out of the habit.

“Oh no! I am so sorry!! Between making breakfast this morning and everything else, I completely forgot!”

“Babygirl, you’ve been forgetting a lot of things lately. And you snapped at me last night. I hope you didn’t think I’d forgotten that.”

Babygirl had been out of sorts lately. When Sir hadn’t said anything last night about her attitude, she’d hoped He would let it slide. But Sir never let anything slide.

“I don’t know, Sir. Work has been crazy, and I haven’t been sleeping much, and I’m just all keyed up, I guess…”

Babygirl’s voice trailed off as she looked at Him pleadingly. Sir eyed her sternly, knowing her misbehavior would only get worse if He didn’t stop it now.

“Well, I guess we just need to refocus you, babygirl. Strip. Now.”

Babygirl stood up slowly. Unbuttoning her blouse, she let it fall from her arms and land on the floor at her feet. She reached back to unzip her skirt, pushing the tight pencil skirt over her hips. She threw it in the pile with her shirt. Pantiless at Sir’s command, she reached back to unclasp her bra and then tossed it with the rest of her clothing. Babygirl stood in front of Sir, unsure of what He had in mind.

Sir stood across the room from His babygirl. He kept His expression stern, but inwardly He couldn’t help appreciating her soft curves and pale skin. He knew she disliked her body, finding fault with every flaw. He loved every inch of her and knew what He was about to do was more for her than for Him.

“Go into the bedroom. Bend over and place your hands on the toy chest. Don’t fucking move.”

Babygirl quivered at the menacing growl in Sir’s voice. She knew He was unhappy with her, but she couldn’t imagine what He had in store. She walked into the bedroom and did as Sir had ordered. The toy chest was a brown chest filled with the toys they used when they played. Babygirl swallowed hard, wondering just how long she would have to wait.

Moments later, Sir walked into the room without making a sound. Babygirl jumped when she heard the click of the door closing.

“You’ve been disobedient and rude, girl, which I won’t tolerate. And your mind is not where it should be. It’s not on us. I’m going to fix that for you.”


Sir’s hand hit her right flank without warning. Babygirl jumped and gasped in pain.


His hand found her left flank. She cried out, flinching again.

“Cry out all you want, but don’t fucking move, girl.”

Sir’s voice stilled her movements. Each time His hand landed on her ass, she screamed a little louder. Sir never hit the same spot twice, but the smacks to her reddening flesh were unceasing.


Each one harder than the one before. Babygirl could only scream and cry out. She lost count quickly.


A dam broke within babygirl, and she began to sob in earnest. Her cries were different. Her physical pain was of no consequence as her tears came from something far deeper. The moment He heard her voice changed, Sir ceased spanking babygirl and gathered her into His arms.

Crooning and murmuring nonsense sounds in her ear, Sir held babygirl close. She curled into His arms, burying her face in His chest. Sobbing as if her heart would break, babygirl clutched at Sir, desperate to have Him closer.

“Babygirl, shhhh, it’s okay, I promise. Sir’s here. I’ve got you. I promise. Cry as much as you need to.”

Babygirl sniffled and snuffled a few minutes longer before pulling back slightly to look into Sir’s face.

“Thank you, Sir. How did you know I needed that?”

Sir just smiled at His babygirl.

“Sometimes you need a good cry, babygirl, and I only know one way to give you what you need.”

Babygirl snuggled in Sir’s arms and smiled. Damn if that man didn’t always seem to know exactly what she needed.

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