Wicked Wednesday

Until We Meet Again #WickedWednesday

Until We Meet Again

I miss you.

You haven’t cradled me in your arms these past nights. The peace and calm I feel wrapped in your warmth is missing, gone like smoke on the wind. Bleary-eyed and lacking direction, I move through my day zombie-like, yearning for you to find me again.

I search for you every night, but you’ve vanished. Without a trace. I’m alone and restless. My mind unable to settle.

A few minutes or a few hours, I’ll take whatever I can from you. But we both know nothing less than all night will do. We both know what I need.

After several hours with you, I’m refreshed and energized. I can face my fears, climb mountains, and focus on the world around me. When you’re gone? I’m lost in a haze.

Without you, there’s no urge to feel pleasure. To touch my most secret, dark, wet places. It’s too much. The mountain too steep to climb. I need you to give me strength.

Without you, I turn to bad habits and coping mechanisms. Greasy, fast foods are a temporary substitute. But you knew that.

Without you, I’m trapped in a world of loud voices and quiet despair. How will I get through the day? Would everyone please shut up? I can’t think. I can’t focus.

Until we meet again…dear, sweet sleep…I think of you and remember the nights we spent together.

Did I have you going for a minute? Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt is to tell the story of a long lost friend. Nothing came to me until I nearly fell asleep in the shower and realized the friend I miss the most is a decent night’s sleep. For the real smut, you know where to go.

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