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More Than My Boobs #Boobday









This week, my boobs aren’t on display quite as blatantly. For once, I wanted to show more of myself, imperfections and all. And oh yes, that is my beloved Hello Kitty blankie, a gift from my Daddy on an amazing night.

Here, I’m still luxuriating in my own body. On one hand, I’m barely aware of the camera, and on the other, I’m acutely aware. Blissful in my own pleasure, I don’t care that it’s being recorded, until I hear the click of the shutter – and then I wonder if he found a good angle.

Looking at this picture, I’m captivated by the peaks and valleys of my body, including my boobs.

Yay for Boobday! What a nice way to start a Friday, right? If you’re new to Boobday, go check out Hy’s page for more!

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