February Photofest 2019 Masturbation Monday

Matching Panties

spanked butt, pink skin, and pink hearts on my underwear

It’s rare that I get a spanking with panties on. Even the flimsiest fabric seems to dull the impact. But that was the challenge, I think.

How pink could my skin become? How much would I squeak and wince and pull away if he paddled my ass through panties? The answer, it turns out, is just as much as any other time. We both knew that, but it’s part of the game to pretend to not know, to pretend the outcome will somehow be different.

I no longer remember each stroke, like I always think I will. “That one is the worst ever!”

Very few are the worst ever, and they’re the rare individual spanks I remember, because I called red, tapped out, said, “No more.”

This was not that. This was the casual paddling and spanking and hitting of my ass. So casual that I curled my arms under my torso, closed my eyes, and settled in.

Oh yes, I whimpered and whined when the impact was too sharp for my liking. And I sighed and sank into bliss when the thuds went deep.

Each swat, thwap, slap, and smack became its own rhythm. I can’t say John Brownstone is ever lazy about a spanking, but there was a slowness, a casual air about him. He could do this all night, and I would take it all night.

This wasn’t about pushing boundaries or making me cry, both fun in their own way. That night was the slow rekindling of old needs and wants that get put too often on the back-burner of a busy life. Just as I sank into the sensations and relaxed, he must have felt himself again.

We connected over a long overdue spanking. And delighted in just how hot and pink my skin became.

“Can we match your panties, babygirl?”

I think we all know the answer to that one.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! This might only be smutty if you’re into giving or receiving spankings. It wasn’t a particular sexual moment, but it was sensuous. A spanking doesn’t have to lead anywhere or become something else to be exactly what I want. Although, if I recall this moment correctly, he fucked me later. But only after we’d taken our time to play and reconnect. For actual smut, you know where to go. And if you’re looking for more erotic images, click the second button too!

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