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Do You Like Her? #MasturbationMonday

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“Do you like her?”

He asked it nonchalantly like we were talking about where to go for dinner or whether I’d checked the mail or not. Did I like her? What did that mean? She was beautiful. Deep brown eyes, a round ass, and perky boobs that I imagined fitting in my hand perfectly. Did I like her looks? Oh yes. I think she knew she was being admired. Some women usually do. Not me. I assumed no one was paying attention, but something about the way she smiled at both of us, a lingering look, it made me think she knew. Maybe she realized it before I did.

“She’s very pretty.” That was as much as I could manage, watching her walk away, hips swaying, imagining her legs out of the jeans she wore.

“What else?”

He knows me so well. Looks aren’t everything. I liked the sound of her voice. Her smile was bright, and her eyes intelligent. She looked smart like she could hold a conversation. She had lines around her mouth that I knew meant she smiled and laughed a lot. I told him this.

When she came back with our drinks, I was flustered. We’d spent the entire time she was gone talking about her. She leaned over to put my drink down, farther than she had to. I smelled her perfume, her soap, and her skin. I inhaled deeply, closing my eyes, forgetting she was right there. Of course, I realized what I was doing a second after I did it. My eyes flew open in shock. I met his gaze, bewildered and mortified. He smiled.

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