What Goes Up Must Come Down: We Dropped Together #podcast

John Brownstone and I experience something amazing, life-altering, and beautiful this weekend…and being the tease I am, I’m not talking about it.

Cue the sad faces, I know. It’s actually too new to discuss, and it’s not just us anymore. Eventually there will be more said about it – but these things take time.

But I will say that what followed was the worst sub and Dom drop either of us have ever experienced. OMG, y’all, I was ready to curl up in the bed with ice cream, my teddy bear, and all the sad music I could find. It was awful. I barely worked, barely wrote, and barely functioned – but I slept so freaking much.

And as always, I decided we needed to air it all in a podcast.

This week we’re discussing what drop can feel like. Everyone will experience it differently but we talk about what we’ve gone through. We also share what we do to help each other, and what you want to keep in mind, especially if your drop surprises you like it did to us (I don’t think anyone ever expects it to happen).

I’ll give you one spoiler from the episode: Yes, Doms experience drop, too.

If you listen carefully, you can hear my voice change from the beginning of the episode to the end, as simply sitting down to record the show helped pull me out of the final stages of sub drop. (It helps that John Brownstone pulled my hair in the middle of the episode, too.)

From the show:

  • An amazing weekend quickly turned into the worst sub and Dom drop…ever.
  • The details are still private but the affects were awful.
  • Dom drop is just as real as sub drop.
  • Sub space isn’t a prerequisite to dropping. It happens when the emotions/endorphins/adrenaline are very high.
  • Drop doesn’t happen after every scene or every big moment.
  • Everyone experiences drop differently: physically, emotionally, and mentally. Drop will be different for you each time you have it.
  • Whether you’re a sub or Dom, you need to talk about how you feel and be honest with your partner.
  • Taking care of each other will help you get through it.
  • Aftercare helps, but it’s not always enough.
  • Sticking with your routine is good, but leave some room for indulgences.
  • Check in with each other and talk as much as you can.
  • This isn’t the time to be stoic and pretend you’re okay.

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