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Ok, everyone, we have a second shameless promotion everyone and this author is new here – so feet off the table, at least cover any naked bits and pieces. Let’s pretend we have class, people! /giggles

Just teasing! Be as naked as you want!

I don’t really need a guide to BDSM, but some people do, so with that in mind, I agreed to promote 50 Shades of Kink by Tristan Taormino. Take a look at the excerpt below and if you do need a bit more guidance or just want to know more, scroll to the bottom for a link to purchase your copy!


Whether you’re curious about kink and looking to know more, or an expert who could benefit from getting back to basics for a bit of inspiration, Tristan Taormino’s perfect introductory guide to the real world of BDSM, 50 Shades of Kink, is sure to set fire to your inner kinkster. Award-winning author, editor, and sex educator Tristan Taormino combines the best of sex instructional writing with steamy short fiction from erotica all-stars into this pocket-sized guide that you won’t be able to resist.

From Chapter 8 – Bondage: Basics and DIY

DIY Bondage
There are many different types of bondage toys; this chapter will cover those you can make yourself—common household items you can repurpose for bondage. The next chapter will cover items you can buy at a sex toy or fetish store, including collars, bondage tape, wrist and ankle cuffs, and bondage tether kits.

One of the bonuses of bondage is that you can do it without any fancy equipment and use what’s nearby. First, let me tell you what not to use. Athletic tape and duct tape—really sticky tape of any kind—can be too sticky and bind to the skin; if left on long enough, it can be difficult to get off without taking some skin with it, like the worst Band-Aid removal ever. Also, you may have some plastic zip ties in your toolbox, but just leave them there. Zip ties can close too tightly and cut off circulation, plus the hard plastic can abrade the thin skin around your wrists. Although you might think it looks cool, avoid metal chain of any kind; like the zip ties, metal against delicate skin is a recipe for sore wrists.

Neckties, silk (or silky) scarves, and bathrobe ties are all much better choices. They are a good length for wrist and ankle bondage, and they’re soft, so they won’t cut or irritate the skin. First, put the bottom in the position you’d ultimately like to have her stay in; if you want her hands above her head, for instance, put them there. To bind the wrists, have the bottom put her hands together, palms facing each other. Slide the tie or scarf under her wrists. You can bring the two ends together or double them around if there is enough length. Simply finish with a bow or regular knot.

One sexy idea is to arrive for a date without any gear at all, slowly strip down, and use what you’re wearing to tie up your lover. Things like suspenders, pantyhose, and stockings all make great bondage materials. Because these items are stretchy, it’s very important not to bind them too tightly. Since the material has give to it, it’s a good choice for bottoms who like to move around a lot, and it’s good for beginners who want to know they could “break out” of it fairly easily if they need to.

If you and your partner are interested in moving beyond just wrists and ankles, athletic wrap (like an Ace bandage) offers you more to work with. If you want to bind someone’s arms to their sides so they truly cannot move them, these inexpensive rolls of stretchy material can cover a lot of surface area. Remember not to stretch it too tightly, just tight enough to hold. When you get to the end of the role, you can use the metal clips or a piece of masking or athletic tape.

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