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Simply Sinful Blogger Award

A while back, my favorite Sinner nominated me for an award he created. And I’ve been the slacker who hasn’t done anything with it.

So, here goes…

Simply Sinful


Da rules:

1. Post the image (or a much more skillfully designed version) on your blog. Check
2. Thank and link back to the blogger who nominated you. Check
3. Give examples of how you broke each of the 7 deadly sins. Ok, here goes.

  • WrathI don’t show my anger often, and when I do, it tends to be a quiet anger. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, right? The day I called the cops on my now ex-husband after his third (and final) attempt to abuse me, I was filled with righteous, justified wrath. I felt no pity when I told the cops where to find them when they went looking for him. I felt no pity as we stood in front of a judge, and I demanded an injunction against him. I felt no pity as I watched his life fall apart before both our eyes. He did it to himself.
  • LustAt age 18 I cheated on my boyfriend with his best friend. In my lustful defense, the boy had a 9 inch cock! I had to fuck it, be fucked by it, and take it into my mouth. I never did look at my four poster bed the same way again after that afternoon.
  • Greed – /smirk. I’m a greedy girl. I can’t get enough orgasms. I can’t get enough cock in my mouth. I can’t get enough cock in my cunt. I can’t get enough bite marks, bruises, scratches. The more I’m given, the more I want. I beg prettily. I whimper and moan. I whisper filthy words in ears. All of it in an effort to be given more of what I want.
  • EnvyIn elementary school, there was a little blond haired, blue-eyed girl in my class. She was my arch nemesis. We were equally as smart, always getting the top grades. Sometimes, I could even best her. But the one thing I could never top was her perfect beauty. I was chubby with dark hair and dark eyes. She looked like a fairy princess. I wanted to be her, but I hated her, and yet I adored her. Everyone adored her, while most everyone teased me. We’re all grown up now, and she’s still a very beautiful woman.
  • Sloth – I was the typical child who never wanted to bathe, brush her teeth, or clean her room. Until the day my mother threatened to throw away every single thing I owned if I didn’t clean up after myself. I had plates with crusted food in my room. I had gum-wads in corners. I had books stacked up in every corner. I had every scrap of paper I’d ever used. All because I was too lazy to throw it away, pick it up, put it away, and do what I was supposed to do. I was lazy to the hilt, willing to live in filth just to avoid getting up and walking to a trashcan, kitchen sink, or a bookcase to put something away.
  • Pride – Honey, I know I’m smart as hell. There was a time when I had no problem telling the world just how smart I was, too. The day I realized I had no friends and was universally disliked, I realized that my pride in my own intelligence had driven the few people who cared about me far, far away. That was a long road back to earn their friendship once again.
  • GluttonyDarling readers, I once topped 260 pounds of mostly fat. I ate because food tastes good. I sat on my ass because I didn’t like to sweat. I convinced myself that I didn’t LOOK like a size 24 so it was all good. I overcame the sin of gluttony through several years of hard work and sweat, but when I look in the mirror, I still see the gluttonous fat chick I used to be.

4. Nominate 7 bloggers and link to their sites. I’m going to be slothful on this one. I hate having to pick! If you feel sinful, feel free to nominate yourself. No really, I don’t mind. Part of being sinful is being a rule-breaker, right?
5. Tell those bloggers about their nomination in the comment thread of one of their posts. Make me! Ha!

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