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This Is Really Happening #Reveal

So….I did something that I said I was going to do, and it’s really happening, and my inner little girl can’t breathe and wants to squeal and wants to scream and cry and isย terrified at the same time!

The Visitor is going to be published to Amazon (and after 90 days) to Smashwords soon. I’ve compiled; I’ve edited; I’ve asked people to look it over for me. And I need cover art.

Y’all, I work in marketing and public relations for a living, but I can’t do graphics to save my soul. My graphics guy assures me that with an hour of training I could. I say no way, I do words – you do pictures.

But, I know what I like when I see it…

And thanks to, I like THIS!



Every time I look at it, I smile. I told the person what I wanted, and it was delivered. Eventually, if I keep using fiverr, I’ll need to create my own library of images, but I’m okay with that. If I ever have the luxury of having “my guy (or girl)” who just does all my covers, I’ll let them keep the library.

I’m scared because it’s real. I’m excited because it’s really happening. And I’m pretty damn proud, because for $10, this is my first book cover (ok, short story cover,ย whatever!).

If everything works out, by this weekend, I should be uploading it to Amazon.

Oh my God, this is really real…

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