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Stroke for Stroke #MasturbationMonday

Babygirl wasn’t used to sharing her time with Sir, but strange things happen in life. Sir’s little brother visiting the same weekend that she visited was unusual, but she felt honored that He wanted her to meet His family, and that He refused to choose between the two of them for a weekend.

Sir’s brother, E, knew that she and Sir dated. E knew that Sir called her babygirl. But E had no clue that Sir was babygirl’s Dominant or that babygirl was Sir’s submissive. As open as Sir was with his family, some things were private.

After a long day at the beach playing in the water, drinking beer, and just having a good time, Sir decided He and babygirl needed a nap. E could do whatever he wanted, as long as he didn’t disturb his big brother and babygirl. Sir grabbed babygirl’s hand the moment they entered the house, ready to get some sleep.

“Dude, just don’t be too loud. I need some sleep, and I know babygirl does, too.”

“Yeah, man, no problem. I’ll probably just watch TV or something.”

Sir grunted at E and swung the bedroom door shut behind him.

The afternoon turned to evening, as the sun slowly set. E dozed on the couch, the TV remote limp in his hand, the noise from the TV soft in the background.


“One! Thank you, Sir!”

E was jolted out of sleep.

“What the hell was that?” he murmured to himself.


“Two, three! Thank you, Sir!”

Sir? E realized the voice was coming from his big brother’s bedroom.  He got up off the couch and walked down the hall. The door hadn’t closed all the way

“You’re a little slut. Rubbing your pussy on me while I slept. Did you think I wouldn’t wake up?”

“Ohhhh, Sir! I’m sorry, I promise I am!”

E almost rushed in to rescue her when he heard his brother’s voice again.

“You’re my slut, and you’ll cum, babygirl, but when I want you to. Not before.”


“Four! Thank you, Sir! Five! Thank you, Sir!”

“You ok, babygirl?”

E had never heard his brother speak in that tone before. He realized whatever was going on was consensual and that he should walk away.

“Mmmmm, yes, Sir. You know what you do to me.”

In his limited experience, E had also never heard any woman speak in such a sultry tone. Clearly, babygirl was turned on. But he knew he’d heard her being hit. Maybe he should take a quick peek, just to make sure.

Sir stood over babygirl, his pajama pants slung low on his hips. Babygirl, completely nude, rolled over from her knees onto her back. She spread her legs wide, looking at Sir under heavy eyelids. Her hips moved hypnotically, pushing her bare pussy towards Sir. E could see from his vantage point how soaked she was, as her juices coated her swollen lips.

E watched his brother run a finger up and down babygirl’s lips. She squirmed and mewled under Sir’s touch. In that moment, E realized how hard he was. Not thinking that his brother only needed to turn his head to one side to discover him watching, E pulled his cock out of his swim trunks – thankful he hadn’t changed from the beach yet.

As he watched his brother stroke babygirl, E stroked his cock. Sir’s thumb pressed into babygirl’s clit, causing squeals of pleasure. E’s hand rubbed the head of his cock, stroking the sensitive skin. His eyes closed in pleasure. He opened them quickly, not wanting to miss a moment of the show.

With one thumb on babygirl’s clit, Sir inserted one finger into her wet heat. Babygirl shuddered and sighed in pleasure as He found her g-spot. Sir’s fingers worked in tandem on her clit and her g-spot, slowly gaining speed. E matched his brother stroke for stroke.

Sir picked up speed, so did E. Babygirl’s breath caught in her throat, so did E’s breath. He stroked his engorged cock firmly, not taking his eyes off the couple in the bedroom. Each time his fingers grazed the bulbous head, he choked back a groan.

“I’m going to make you cum like the little slut you are!”

“Ohhhhh, eeeeeeee-ahhhhhhhhh! Sir, please, please, mmmmmm, pl-please…oh God, oh God!”

Babygirl’s squeals signaled that her orgasm grew closer with each stroke of Sir’s hand. Sir pressed deep into her clit, as his fingers slammed into her g-spot. THWAP-THWAP-THWAP! The sound of her wetness filled the room.

E’s hand moved faster and faster over his purple cock. He knew he was close. Breathing hard between his teeth, desperate not to make a sound and give his position away, he clenched his jaw against the groans building in his throat.

“Cum, babygirl! Cum NOW!”

Sir roared his demand at babygirl as he slammed into her body mercilessly. Babygirl screamed as her hips bucked, and she squirted in a massive gush, flooding the bed beneath her, spraying Sir’s hand and her thighs.

Watching babygirl squirt was more than E could handle. With one final stroke, he felt his seed spurt in jerks from his cock. He shoved his swim trunks over his cock, his hand wrapping the fabric around his flesh. Biting his lip as he felt throb of release, he began to slowly back away from the door – as much as his rigid body would let him.

Shaking himself out of his stupor, E hurried to the spare bedroom to clean up.

“I’ve got to get me a woman like that,” he muttered to himself as he walked down the hall.

“You think you can handle a woman like babygirl, little brother?”

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