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Waiting for Release

nude woman, lying on bed, waiting for sexual release

“How did I get here?”

These are the things you wonder when you wake up to find your wrists bound to the bed and thick fingers in your cunt. You think you should know the answer. As the sleepy fog lifts, you realize it doesn’t matter how you got there, as long as you know who put you there.

Of course it’s him, draped over you, pressing your body into the mattress, using his gentle, insistent, and quiet dominance to torture you with pleasure.

Fuuuuuck, who cares why you’re tied up or how it happened. As long as he doesn’t stop doing that thing…with his…yes right there.

Ouch! Note to self, grinding your hips into his hand only gets you a smack. Hmmm, maybe that’s worth remembering. A hard spanking might feel good, too.

Nope, he planned something else, and you know you’re never disappointed in his plans and kinky schemes. Just let him…play…

It’s not your job to reach up, to demand, to beg. Youtake what he gives. And right now, holy fuck, his fingers are giving you all kinds of…yes, right there, a little to the left, a little more, fuuuuuuck.

How does he always know the right spot? And why does he always stop one second too soon?

You know the answer to that, too.

No part of your body will feel full release until his hunger is satisfied. Lucky for you, your pleasure is his pleasure.

What will it be this morning? Finger-fucking? A tongue on your clit? His cock buried deep, thrusting in and out? All of the above sounds good to you, but you know he knows that, too.

You’ll take and take and take, and he’ll give and give and give. Patience. Once he gets what he wants, then you get what you want.

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