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The Need to Unplug

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I don’t “go off the grid” or “unplug” as a rule. When your entire business life is online, there aren’t many opportunities to completely get away. Add to that the reality of having a group of friends that you can only connect to online or (bare minimum) through text.

So no, I don’t ever completely unplug. A few hours here, half a day there, that’s about all I can do.

And yet, the need to unplug is so real.

The more I’m away from my laptop and phone, the easier it is to remember that there are other things in the world to focus on. And the easier it is to forget that Everything is terrible™. We shouldn’t forget but, for our own sanity, we need temporary breaks from it.

The longer I stay away from news and social media, the harder it is to log on. The peace and quiet are addictive. Being alone with my thoughts and focusing on the people around me feels too good.

I think many of us need to unplug from time to time. But if you find it difficult to come back to the terrible news, the online fighting, and the screaming on social media, you’re not alone.

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