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Coming Full Circle #WickedWednesday

This week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt celebrates 100 prompts – and the theme is “full circle” and what that may mean to us.

I’ve always said, only half-jokingly, that I never repeat a mistake twice. What I mean by that is when I screw somethingΒ up the first time, I usually get it exactly right the second time around. The story of my life is that everything new that I do the first time will be a total screw-up, but the second time will be near perfect.

My ex-husband is a Cancer, with all the traits and qualities of a Cancer. When I met Daddy, I nearly ran screaming from the room because he was a self-described “typical” Cancer.

My first Dom was a Sir, while I was pet. When I met Daddy, he and I both believed he was Sir, although I was little one. We both know different now.

My ex-husband and I met online and had a long distance relationship. He closed the gap (twice) with little to no preparation, setting us both up for years of hardship and heartache. He was jealous of the time I spent with friends and family with so much distance between us. Daddy and I have sustained our long distance relationship for over a year. Our plans to move together have been heavily weighed, debated, and discussed – and the slow pace of the move has been maddening, but necessary. And he encourages me to make friends, spend time with people, and have fun.

My first Dom met me during a turbulent time in his life. He felt unable to assume the responsibility of my Dominant and left me, shattered and heartbroken. Daddy experiences drama in his life, but instead of pushing me away and feeling overwhelmed by my submission and his Dominance, he realizes that our relationship centers him and brings him peace. He treats me as a partner and allows me to offer suggestions on how to make it through a rough patch.

My ex-husband has not seen his children since November 2012 and barely speaks to them. Daddy sends a message to my oldest every day, encouraging him to do well in school, shares the hope that my son will have a good day and a good night sleep, and he tells him he loves him.

Have I come full circle? Well, there’s still a bit of a gap as we move forward with our plans and our relationship, but from my perspective, I”m definitely getting it right the second time around. As a woman and a submissive, I feel like the circle is closing more and more every single day.

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