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It All Starts with Communication

Loving BDSM Podcast Episode 88

This week is much better than last week in terms of feeling like I know what’s going on, what day it is, and what I’m supposed to do with myself. The complete disruption of my schedule for jury duty was chaotic and stressful, but also kind of good for me. I’ve been more focused and much more relaxed about my daily, weekly, and long-term goals.

All of which made for a better Loving BDSM episode I think. In this week’s show, we answer the question we didn’t answer last week. This time, a man emailed John Brownstone and said he and his wife want to be kinky but she’s unable or unwilling to share what she wants or likes. So he wanted to know how to make it happen and plan a scene for them to enjoy.

I’d like to think we gave a well thought out answer but the bottom line was fairly simple – it all begins with some form of communication.

From the show:

  • This week’s sponsor is Ecstatic Relaxation by Vin Charles
  • This week’s question is from a listener who’s wife wants him to be dominant but can’t or won’t tell him what she wants or likes.
  • We love getting questions from our listeners and readers. Hopefully we help!
  • Feel free to email, reach out on social media, or send us a message on Fetlife.
  • We got a postcard!

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