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The Boys – a M/M Fantasy #MasturbationMonday

“I’m gonna hang with the boys tonight.” She squirmed in her chair, knowing what he really meant. Their conversation earlier had been about fantasies, what was allowed, what wasn’t allowed, and experimentation.

“Have fun, Sir.” Was her voice trembling? This wasn’t about her. This was about what he needed and wanted.

“The boys” were a gay couple they’d met several weeks ago. Everyone had hit off; their personalities clicked. It was clear from the first round of drinks that “the boys,” as they were affectionately known, were very interested in her Sir. She couldn’t blame them. Sir was funny, smart, no-nonsense, and oozed self-confidence. The boys liked her well enough, but she hadn’t been invited to join them tonight.

Their desire for Sir was made very clear early on. What surprised her the most was Sir’s curiosity and mutual desire. Had “the boys” been “the girls” she would have felt differently, but she knew Sir was her’s. Giving him the freedom to explore felt right.

“If I tell you no on this and any other fantasies of yours, that means you should say no to my own fantasies. If we’re secure in our relationship, we should be able to trust each other with some of this. As long as you tell me everything, I’m fine.” She’d never felt so confident about a man’s feelings for her. Allowing him this moment was a no-brainer. “Of course, if you wanted to go play with another woman without me, the answer would be a big hell fuck no. ”

He’d laughed knowingly. She might trust her Sir, but he knew she didn’t trust other women easily.

Now, a few days later, he going to play. They both knew he would play safe and give her all the details when he came home. Just the thought of what he might tell her was enough to cause a pulsing throb between her thighs.

She sat down to read her book after he left, relishing in the rare time alone. I wonder how big their cocks are. The book slipped from her hands, forgotten in her lap as fantasy took over.

They sat on the couch together, talking about nothing. Sir was nervous, very unlike him, but this was a new situation. He licked his lips as his eyes roamed the length of both men. He knew it was no coincidence that he was sandwiched between them. They gave him some space, for which he was grateful, but he couldn’t help but wonder how this would start.

“You want a blowjob?” Todd, the more dominant of the men, never pulled punches, just said it like it was. Typically that was a trait that Sir appreciated. Today, he was thrown off. He could only nod.

Todd stood up and looked down at Sir, assessing the other man’s reaction. Jerking his head to the bedroom door, he turned away, knowing Sir would follow him.

Entering the bedroom, Todd began to disrobe, staring at Sir as if daring him to turn away. Sir watched, silent and wary. Undressing in the locker room or pissing next to someone at a urinal was different than watching another man remove his clothes knowing that the end result was cock-sucking and more. As Todd’s boxers fell, Sir swallowed reflexively. The man was huge – thick and long, the veins making a road map of the man’s shaft. Sir’s hand twitched, wondering how he would feel in his grasp.

Todd smirked as if he knew what Sir was thinking. “Ok, big boy, your turn.”

Silently, Sir undressed, kicking his clothes to the side. He felt a little self-conscious next to a man with a behemoth cock, but he also felt his body respond with twitches and pulses as he contemplated what was coming.

Sir stood in front of Todd, in all his naked glory, waiting for whatever would happen next. His eyes widened slightly as Todd dropped to his knees in front of him. He looked down into the man’s eyes, refusing to look away. Todd wrapped his hand around Sir’s cock in a firm grip, stroking up and down. Sir felt his breath catch in the back of his throat. It didn’t feel anything like her hand, nothing at all. For a moment, the difference between memory and reality broke his focus on the man in front of him. Until he felt his cock engulfed in wet heat.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Sir groaned, his eyes closing. While his girl’s mouth was sweet and soft, often worshiping him for hours on end, Todd was all male – forceful, demanding, taking and giving pleasure with each swipe of his tongue.

Sir felt his cock hit the back of Todd’s throat, the suction of his mouth pulling and dragging. He almost came just from the vacuum created by the other man’s mouth. His hand reached out and tentatively touched Todd’s hair. For a moment, he considered grabbing his hair and taking control. The thought vanished as Todd took his sensitive testicles into his hand, rolling the flesh and balls in his hand. Sir gripped the side of the bed with both hands, grunting as waves of pleasure washed over him.

Brrrrnngg!! The ringing phone ripped away the picture she’d created in her mind. She looked down, surprised to see her hand cupping her mound. Warmth flowed from her core. God, she was turned on. She could only hope that Sir would have energy to help her out when he returned tonight.




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