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Guest Blog Post by @Blythe_miller – The Bed Felt Oddly Empty

My second guest blog is written by Blythe Miller. She’s got a great blog and her writing makes me wet. Yummy! Take a look, and if you like what you see, go check her out! (Links below.)

The Bed Felt Oddly Empty by Blythe Miller

The bed felt oddly empty tonight night. It’s my bed, so why does it feel like it’s ours? I grumble to myself. Laying there I only had teddy to keep me company. Rolling over I stick my face into his pillow trying to get just a whiff of his scent. His smell both familiar and comforting; also reminds me why he was in my bed earlier that day.

Eyes closed, images flash through my mind. Hands roaming. Groping bottoms, pinching breasts, rubbing  pussy, and stroking hard dick. Mouths exploring. Kissing every surface of each other, licking, and even biting. Face still buried in his pillow; I push my knees up so my bare ass is exposed to the cool air.

Hands make their way down my body. Greedily I rub at my clit. Pretending it’s his skillful fingers pleasuring me and not my own. When I slip a finger into my warm wet mess, I tell myself it’s his. Moans escape only to find his pillow. I remembered how he flicked his tongue against my clit and my pussy ached for it. Slipping in another finger, I curl them downwards; rubbing against my G-spot.

Before long I could feel that pressure quickly build up inside me. One last curl of my fingers  and I was cuming, creamy cum covered my hand and soaked my bed as it came gushing out of me. Make no mistake I wasn’t done yet. I bring my fingers to my lips and lick them clean; savoring the rich taste. I imagine him whispering dirty words into my ear. Goose bumps spread across my skin.

Again my fingers attack my clit making small fast circles. Gasping I grind against my own hand. Suddenly I felt hands on my waist. Familiar hands. The fingers I’ve been craving since he left dipped inside me. He could feel how wet and ready I was. Then something much bigger than fingers was sliding into me.

Moaning I push back trying to feel him even deeper. Slowly he pumps in and out of me. Taking his sweet time. His hands move from my waist up to my breasts. He pinches and pulls at my hard nipples. This time the orgasm slowly built up. Each stroke added more fuel to the fire in between my legs. Without warning I was being thrust into orgasm.

He didn’t stop though, he kept his rhythm slow and steady; prolonging my earth shattering orgasm. Just when I was crying out into his pillow; I could hear him grunt and poor his seed into me.  He pulls out and grabs a hold of my hair, pulling me to his lap. Without him saying a word I knew what to do. Engulfing him in my mouth I suck him clean, and then dried him off with my hand.

Lying back in on his wet half of the bed, he collapsed next to me on mine. He looks at me. “When I got home tonight after work and crawled into bed it just didn’t feel like mine anymore. I needed to feel your heartbeat against my chest. Do you mind if I sleep here tonight?”

I just stare at him. When I find my words I tell him “I’ll make you a deal. If you make me cum like that every night, you can live here.” His face lights up and he winks at me.

“Deal.” I seal it with a kiss, and drift off to sleep in his arms. My heartbeat against his chest.

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