Masturbation Monday

We Conquered Each Other In the End

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I love the combination of silk and steel in my hand. The way his body comes alive, twitching, pushing, seeking.

Pressure from my fingertips. Light rake of my fingernails. A gentle twist. A light tug.

His pleasure is my pleasure. His moans my reward.

Sliding down his shaft, my hand commits every vein to tactile memory. From the pads of my fingertips to the edge of my palm, I cover him in sensation.

I have one goal.

To drive him wild.

The cock has less patience than the man. It pushes, jabs, seeks more, demands it. Like the good girl I am, I give him what he wants.

The man swallows hard, attempting to maintain his control. I stroke a little harder. My hand moves a little faster. His head falls back, his mouth opens – he swims in pleasure.

Time to go in for the kill.

Running my hand over his glans, down his shaft, my fingertips graze his scrotum. He shivers. This is why I have two hands. One gently plays with the tip of his cock, teasing as the other cups his balls, gently rolling them.

He tenses. Is he ready? Will we get what we really crave?

I focus on my hands and the pleasure I can create. I listen to his moans, wondering is…this…it?

When he grabs my arms, pulls me down, and growls, I smile. I’ve won. We both have.

I spread my thighs for him, welcoming his invasion, knowing we’ve both been conquered.

Handjobs are fun, but for us, they’re a precursor to what happens next. I love to stroke John Brownstone to hardness and to distraction. How long can he hold out against the pleasure? Will he be driven wild with need? Thank you Molly and Kink of the Week for giving me a reason to remember what I love about them.

Oh, and it’s also Masturbation Mondayย and handjobs are a perfect fit! But it’s also a few weeks before Halloween, and for the rest of October, we’ve got sexy and spooky prompts. Need some more smutty goodness in your life? You’ve got two ways to make your erotic dreams come true this week…

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