Masturbation Monday

Making Him Moan #MasturbationMonday

“Touch my cock, girl.”

I don’t need any further instruction or persuasion than that. Typically, I’m reaching out to grasp, fondle, and stroke him any time I can. And even when soft, his naked cock gets a few swipes of my tongue from time to time.

I start out firm and assertive. Not yanking, but solid strokes designed to get him harder quicker. Frankly, I love the feeling of his soft skin in my palm, whether it’s full or not, but his hardness is the physical “proof” of his desire.

His body responds, but he’s quiet. Eyes closed, head back, and seemingly relaxed. Greedy girl that I am, I want more.

I run my fingertips over the tip. He gasps.

I tickle his balls lightly, teasing strokes. He grunts.

I gently (oh, so gently) rake my nails down his lengthening shaft. He hisses and grips the sheets.

I smile. This is my power. Every pleasant, audible reaction I can cause fills me with a multitude of emotions – pride, pleasure, desire. When my touch makes him fight for control, I know I’m doing everything right.

Through gritted teeth, “Get your mouth on my cock, girl.”

I fall on him like a starving woman. My mouth waters, and I take him as deep as I can. A strong gag reflex is a hindrance, but it also means I’m free to do other things that make him writhe and groan.

The flat of my tongue presses into that sensitive spot just below the head. His body tightens.

The vacuum of my suction on the tip of his cock makes his toes curl.

My teeth running down his shaft causes him to cry out.

When I take his testicles, one at a time, into my mouth and suck, he growls.

I can’t help but smile as he grabs me by the hair, pulling me away from his cock and into position.

I know what happens next – he’s about the fuck the hell out of me until we’re both sweaty, spent messes on the bed. I’d smile again, but I’m too busy moaning my own pleasure.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday! From hand-job to blowjob to fucking, we call that Thursday around here. Okay, now go forth and enjoy the other offerings for the week!

Masturbation Monday


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