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There’s a fine line between doing what you’ll say you do and taking care of yourself.

Sometimes, the easiest course is to just to do the thing you commit to do. It certainly keeps many things simple. Doing it takes work but when you’re done, you have a sense of accomplishment and pride. That feeling spurs you forward to do more, to make more commitments.

But sometimes those commitments have to be set aside, if only for a short time. You need sleep, to be rejuvenated, to remember that there is more to life than all the things you’ve committed to.

I guess what really matters is that you try. You do your best, day in and day out. You practice forgiveness when things don’t quite go the way you plan.

And celebrate your breaks as you get them.

Today, I kept my commitment to writing every day in June, but I also committed to taking time off of work. Mark today as a win for doing what I intended to do.

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