Wicked Wednesday

My First Love

Running my fingers along your spine, my whole body leans forward. Closer. I must get closer.

As I skim along your harsh edges and soft curves, I’m reminded of my love for you.

Burying my nose deep, I inhale the scent of the unknown and our adventure ahead.

If I could, I’d hold you close to my naked skin and soak in every detail.

And that’s why I’m not allowed at the bookstore by myself.

For all the words I write in a day, a week, a month, a year, I know I read 10 times as many.

Historical fiction that takes the dryness of dates and names and replaces it was something living and vibrant.

Romance and smut that get much more than my creative juices flowing.

Fantasies and science fiction that make me marvel that my fellow humans have created entire worlds from the recesses of their own brains.

Health, business, and wellness books that make me a little bit better as a human being.

Books were my first friends, my first companions in a lonely world. I lived in Narnia and in that little house on the prairie. I wanted to be Ramona Quimby’s friend and was grateful I wasn’t her sister. I wasn’t afraid to say Voldemort, not ever. I’ve gone through the standing stones with Claire, and I believed in one true soulmate, even if they are Carpathian.

I have read and read and read and read. And I will continue to read and read and read. How else can we travel to distant galaxies, meet new people, and have experiences most other mere mortals can never anticipate?

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! If you can’t tell, this week’s prompt is about books! I can never be truly poor as long as I have a library card. 

Wicked Wednesday


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