Masturbation Monday

Fun in the Shower #MasturbationMonday

“We need to try out our new shower head, babygirl.”

I giggled. “That’s never really worked on me before, Daddy. It feels good, but it doesn’t get me off.”

He considered it a challenge. I saw it in his eyes.

A brand new shower head and actual water pressure, instead of the sad dribblings from our last apartment – it was a recipe for a new experience. He knew it, but I was unconvinced.

We showered together, talking, teasing each other, and simply enjoying each other’s presence. His favorite thing to do is rinse the soap from my body. It’s a special moment between us. An act of caring and nurturing that’s simultaneously sensual and seductive.

In the past, he would aim the water on my pussy and while it felt good, it didn’t illicit sharp, hot pangs of lust. It didn’t make my toes curl. I never gasped in surprised pleasure. I would simply smile and purr.

This night, when he aimed the stream of water at my slit, I felt the difference immediately. Actual water pressure packs a punch. I could feel the coils of pleasure and pressure building. My body tightened in anticipation. I held his wrist and began to move my pelvis back and forth, “riding” the water.

He reached down with his free hand and parted my lips, exposing my clit. I gasped when the stream landed on my swollen flesh. Digging my fingers into his shoulder, I squeaked out a plea.

“Please, oh God, please, please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Daddy!”

“Cum for me, girl.”

Burying my face in his shoulder, I mewled as my body convulsed, spasming in first one, then another climax. My hips bucked as my nails dug into his flesh. He pulled the water away as I gasped and sputtered.

“One more, babygirl.”

The water was back. The second orgasm always comes quicker and is more intense than the first. I exploded as the full force of the water honed in on my clit. I choked back a scream, squeezing my eyes shut and clenching my jaw as I rode the waves of fiery pleasure.

I shook and shuddered for several moments after he put the shower head back in it’s holder. A silly, sloppy grin was plastered on my face. I mumbled a “Thank you, Daddy.”

“And you thought you couldn’t cum like that.”

Clearly, I was wrong.

Welcome to Masturbation Monday and Masturbation Month! So the prompt isn’t super steamy this week, but I have no doubt the stories that bloggers and writers will share will be. Go show them some love and help spread the word about Masturbation Monday! You and I know that masturbation is wonderful and delicious, but too many people think it’s bad or shameful. Let’s show people just how yummy and hawt it can be.

Masturbation Monday

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