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His Trademark Moves

his trademark moves involve his tongue -- shown here as graffiti on the wall

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Stay in any relationship long enough, and you learn each other’s signals and signature moves, their trademark moves, if you will. John Brownstone has a few. As I explained to him when I mentioned this, just because I know what the signals are, doesn’t mean I know how he’ll use them. He always manages to surprise me.

When I pulled him away from his desk after reading this week’s Masturbation Monday posts, all I knew is that we needed to fuck. Did I really care how? Of course not. I wanted him, in whatever way I could have him.

Once in the bedroom, I heard:

“On the bed girl and on your back.”

On my stomach is one signal — it’s like the Spank Signal (like the Bat Signal but better). But on my back means something else entirely.

I managed an internal squeal. Sadist that he is, if I showed too much excitement, he’d make me wait for it.

I kept my ass at the edge of the bed because, like I said, I know what this signal means. Spreading my thighs apart, a damp throb pulsed in my cunt. Yes, I wanted his tongue on my clit, but I needed him to feel this desperate need of mine.

He eased down to his knees and wrapped his arms around my thighs. His tongue darted around my outer labia, teasing my clit. When he tried to lick my slit, I begged him not to. Somehow through grunts and whimpers, I conveyed the message: Finger this wet cunt. Feel it and know how much I want you.

And he did.

Pounding a finger against my g-spot and sucking my clit, he took what I’d imagined to be our “standard” oral sex moment and turned it into something else entirely.

My cunt clenched around his fingers. My thighs trembled. He sucked and lapped and slurped.

Once he’d had his fill, he surprised me one more time.

Another trademark of our fucking is that moment when he swings my legs to the side, tossing me to my side so he can climb behind me. We fuck in a spoon position. It’s delicious. But he flipped the script on me.

Instead, he kept me flat on my back. He pushed my legs up and back over my torso, my ass nearly hanging off the bed, and slid his cock in deep. He angled his body so that his pelvis ground against my clit and his cock tapped my g-spot.

Fucking hell.

Every few moments, my cunt spasmed and my muscles tightened. I sucked in air like a starving woman, forgetting to breathe as each shuddery orgasm took hold. He pounded and pounded and pounded, knowing what he did to me, knowing he wouldn’t come like this, but that wasn’t the point.

Only after I became a limp rag beneath him, unable to make a sound or do more than tremble did he pull out the move I’d expected all along. He swung my legs to the side, and as I rolled to my side, I thought, “I know exactly what happens now.”

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