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I Become Pure Desire #WickedWednesday

In my dream, I see you. You’re a shadowy outline, dark and mysterious, but I know your scent. I know your stance. I know you so intimately that I never doubt it’s you.

When you run your hands over my skin, I have confirmation. In dreams and in waking hours, your hands feel the same. Warm, strong, soothing. They’re able to cause pain and pleasure, separately and together.

In dreams, I’m always lithe and ethereal. A dream of myself within my dream. Your touch makes me solid and real. I’m yours from the first touch. Your girl. Your slut. Your whore. Always yours.

But I see others in this dream. Who are they? Did you invite them? Does it matter?

So many hands caress my skin. You are my anchor even as I begin to float away in bliss. I become pure sensation. Pinching. Scratching. Stroking. Rubbing. I don’t know who they are, but I can’t imagine an existence without their seeking hands.

Fingers penetrate. Palms smack. Nails rake. I shiver and whimper, reaching out for you.

Lips kiss. Tongues taste. Teeth graze. I arch and writhe. Wanting more and terrified of my own need.

“Hush, little one. Enjoy my gift to you.” Even whispered words against my skin feel warm when the come from you.

Strong arms lift, bend, and hold. I’m a living doll. They play with my body. I can’t imagine stopping them. I can’t imagine any other life than this existence they’ve created for me. Pure pleasure.

I have no body. I have no mind. Sensation is all that’s left to me.

Thrusting of cocks. Thrusting of hands. Nibbling of teeth. Mouth filled. Skin coated in sweat and fluids. The smell of desire fills the air. The sweet music of cries, grunts, smacks, and sopping wetness.

In my dream, I can be anyone and anything. Here, I am his and I am theirs. Their plaything. Their pleasure. The very air they breathe.

I become something more than a body with muscles, blood, and bone. I transcend the flesh.

I become pure desire.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt was dreams with a special suggestion to share sexy dreams. I can’t remember the last sexual dream I had. That’s not a bad thing but it just means I had to “create” my own dream/fantasy. Hope you like it! Now…go forth and enjoy more smutty goodness on this most wicked Wednesday.

I Become Pure Desire

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