Wicked Wednesday

The View From Here #WickedWednesday

I have lived on the coast most of my life. When I go too far inland, I feel claustrophobic. I need the water.

I’ve seen rocky beaches filled with shards of broken shells.

I’ve sunk my toes into sugary white sand staring out at water so beautiful it knocks the breath out of your body.

Great crashing waves pounding the shore and gentle ripples tickling the darkened sand – I’ve seen them both.

There was a time when all I needed was a book, a chair, and the sand to feel relaxed and at peace.

Ahhh, but times change.

These days, the view I need is much different.

Spanish moss hangs from low branches. Pine needles dangle between the leaves of neighboring oak trees. An old, weathered fence separates one community from the other. Squirrels chitter. Birds tweet. A hawk swoops in and around, on the hunt. If I’m still enough, lizards will venture into the warm sun near my feet.

Leaves rustle on the ground, blown here and yonder by a gentle breeze. The sun beats down, penetrating the branches, creating pockets of sizzling heat.

He bends over in a shaded corner, his mallet pounding against the block. His shoulders pull his t-shirt, a towel hangs on his shoulder to catch the sweat and dirt. The veins stand out in his forearms, his hands are corded and weathered. Powerful in his work and equally powerful in private. He’s dusty, sweaty, and probably smelly. His white socks, small protection against bugs and dirt, are a bright contrast with his olive skin, darkened by the sun. He stops from time to time to swat at a bug, wipe sweat from his eyes, or smile in my direction.

Me? I’m sitting in the corner of our back porch, soaking it all in, thinking of everything and nothing. This is my place to find peace and tranquility. After 36 years on this earth, I have found my place, my home. This is my favorite view.

Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! This week’s prompt was about a view we love, a view we wish we have, or our view from our window. This particular “view” was one small quiet moment on a Tuesday morning. It took my breath away and made me pause to soak it in. May we all have views like this throughout our life.

Wicked Wednesday

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