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A Good Beginning

“You know, we’ve had that toy for a while. It’s probably time to actually try it.”

The last few weeks had been insane. I was grateful for the stack of toys waiting for our “test” just to have an excuse to force ourselves to do something other than a quick smack on the ass before bed.

The Mage by Intimate Melody (received in exchange for an honest review) had been languishing in the nightstand. We hadn’t even charged it yet, but I was desperate to try it.

Slim, light-weight, and completely unique – it’s bendable, y’all – I wanted to see what this bad boy could do.

On my knees, back arched, ass out, lips peeking between my thighs, I was ready for him. I shuddered with pleasure as he placed on hand on the small of my back while turning on the toy. The sound was minimal. The vibrations, as he stroked my slit with the slim toy, were pleasurable.

When the tip reached my clit, I sighed. This was nice. Not too strong. Not too weak. Juuuuuuust right.

The first orgasm always builds slowly. It just does. I accept it. With the consistent buzzing vibrations, I didn’t feel the need to wait without helping myself out. My hips rocked back and forth, creating additional friction between my clit and the knobbed tip. Back and forth, back and forth. John Brownstone simply held it against my body.

My muscles clenched and released, a barely there orgasm that sent tingles into my extremities.

“I need more, Daddy.”

I twisted and he pulled me the rest of the way off of my knees. On my back, thighs spread, pussy open and waiting for this toy and the man who wielded it.

He held it against my clit, and I began to writhe. Small moans. Louder shrieks. I bucked against the toy, as the first big wave hit and crashed.

I spread my lips further apart, desperate for my friction, more sensations on my swollen clitoris. More, more, more….

Two, three, four.

I was beginning to float, my mind turning to mush, and my bones melting into the bed. They weren’t big orgasms but they were absolutely lovely.

“Let’s try something different. Bend it Daddy.”

He folded the toy over on itself and inserted one end into my body, pressing the tip against my clit.

No. The angle was wrong. The vibrations were nice, but I was starting to crash, coming down from my high. I pouted. “This isn’t working.”

Thank god for a creative man.

Slipping the toy away from my body, he replaced it with his cock, sinking deep into my cunt. Ohhhh, now that felt just right. He wrapped the toy around his shaft. It might have felt good. It had to because he began pounding me with force, fucking me hard, the bed squeaking in joy or protest, I don’t know.

He stopped. I waited.

He positioned the toy in a new way – between his legs so one end rested against his balls. Now, he became a wild man. My ankles were over his shoulders as he went deeper and harder.

Our bodies slapped together, the sound reverberating through the room. I grabbed the sheets and, in a rare moment of lucidity, realized I couldn’t find my glasses. Uh oh, we were crushing them. I reached out, searching…


He slapped my cheek and growled, “Pay attention.”

I melted, my pussy clenching his cock in a bruising crush. My face burned as hot as the juices flowing from my body – his palm print both a reminder and a warning. Yesssss, this was bliss. I could stay like this forever….

And then…he stopped.

The Mage by Intimate Melody

Forgive me, lovers of Masturbation Monday, for throwing in a review and then leaving you hanging. You can read the rest of the kinky fuckery story here. It was the first time, we reviewed two toys in the same night, and the rest may be absolutely worth the wait – if a man screaming in pleasure (yes, screaming) when he comes turns on, that is.

Let me give you a brief run down of the Mage by Intimate Melody.

It’s thin. It’s lightweight. It’s quiet (even with seven vibrating modes and three speeds).

And yes, it’s bendable. Not, however, twistable. You can’t twist it from side to side, but you can bend it backward and forward, and wrap it around cocks or let it rest on a clit while penetrating your pussy. If you choose.

Why, then, did he stop? Because we didn’t fully charge it before we played with it (because we were in a hurry for our kinky fuckery!). Without a full charge, it lasted about 20 minutes.

Did it give me mind-blowing orgasms? No, but they were very pleasant ones, and because they were gentle, I could take more. When he held it against my clit and simply waited, the orgasms were forced in an easier way without ripping them from my body. That’s what I call a good beginning to a fun night.

So what happened next after it died? Very, very good things. Until that post is written and comes (hehe) out, go enjoy Masturbation Monday because, after all, that is the best day of the week.

Masturbation Monday

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