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The Visitor, Part 2

Continuing from Part 1

Seeing that His visitor could use a break, Sir looks over at His slut.

“Come here, pet.”

With her face still covered in the visitor’s sticky cum, she crawls to Him. She feels His hand stroking her hair gently.

“You’re a good girl, pet. You did very well. Go into the bathroom and clean off your face a bit. Quickly now.”

She scrambles to her feet, walks down the hall and into the bathroom. Quickly, she grabs a towel and wipes her face off. She knows He wouldn’t want her to take the time to wash her face. Simply wiping off enough so she could open her eyes again is enough. Hurriedly, she walks back to the men.

She kneels at His feet, head down.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” He says to the visitor. “Come pet.”

She crawls behind Sir. As they enter the room, she waits just inside the door.

“While you recover, I think my slut needs to put on a show for us. On the bed, slut.”

Goosebumps pebble her skin. She knows He wants her to masturbate for them. The idea makes her nervous. Its easy to do for Him when they’re alone. She can lose herself to the sensations. But in front of a stranger?

“Now,” He growls.

She realizes she hesitated too long. Quickly, she climbs onto the bed. She lays in the middle of the bed, propped up by thick pillows. He has already placed a towel on the bed in preparation for this moment. Having done this for Sir on many occasions, she knows what to do. She pulls the towel into position directly under her ass. She’s a squirter, and as excited as she’s beginning to feel, she knows she may soak the bed.

Sir hands her a slim vibrator. She takes it without question and starts on the lowest setting. They do this dance often. She knows what He wants.

She places the tip of the vibrator on her clit. Very aware of the visitor in the room, she keeps her eyes downcast, feeling uncomfortable with the additional audience. The men’s silence fills the room. All she hears is the buzzing of the vibrator and her own breathing. Slowly, her clit begins to pulse. She feels the moisture pooling in her pussy.

“You want another beer?” He asks the visitor.

“Uh, yeah, sure, man.” The visitor licks his lips and stares at her. His mouth goes dry as he realizes he gets to watch this woman masturbate and cum. How did he get so damn lucky?

She’s on the second setting of the vibrator. Her body begins to hum as the pressure in her pussy builds. Forgetting her audience, her head falls back as sensations begin to mount. Next, the highest, fastest setting. Her hips begin to move, pushing against the vibrator.

“Sir?” May I…? Oh God, please, Sir, can I cum?” she begins to beg. She mewls and whimpers as she feels her orgasm rising. “Mmmmm, oh, oh, please….oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, please, Sir?” She sounds as if tears are close.

“Go ahead, slut, cum for me.”

She presses the vibrator into her clit. Her back arches, her hips tilt up, and she cums in a gush, gasping with the force of her orgasm.

Before she catches her breath, she hears, “Now the black dildo.”

She purrs with satisfaction. This is her favorite vibrator. Thick, long, and powerful, she looks forward to what this one brings.

“Fuck yourself slut.”

She looks at Him as she begins to rub the dildo along her pussy, her hips pushing against it. The setting is on pulse as she pushes it into her body. Her pussy sucks it in, hungry to be filled. She looks over at the visitor. His mouth is open, his eyes wide. She studies him as he stares at her cunt. He seems young and definitely not as commanding as Sir, but she knows he is eager and enjoying the show.

She begins to tap her g-spot with the pulsing dildo. Faster and faster, she moves the dildo in and out. Her head falls back against the pillows, the visitor forgotten. She pinches a nipple with her free hand. She strokes her breast, squeezing and pinching as she moves the dildo faster and faster.

“Cum, slut.” His voice propels her faster. She pulls the dildo out of her pussy and presses it in to her swollen clit. She screams as she squirts cum all over the towel. Her pussy pulses and her hips rock as aftershocks slam into her. The dildo lays next to her forgotten and her body continues cumming with no stimulation.

The visitor watches in fascination as she sinks deeper into the pillows, not caring as she lays in a puddle of her own cum. She’s spent. Her hair is plastered to her forehead. Her eyes roll back in her head.

“Mmmmm, thank you, Sir. That was wonderful,” she murmurs.

“You’re welcome, pet.” She hears the satisfaction in His voice and knows she has pleased Him.

“Have you recovered? Ready for the next round?” He asks the visitor.

“Oh fuck yeah.”

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