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The Most Intense Orgasm He’s Ever Had

This post is a continuation from a Masturbation Monday post I wrote about another toy we played with that night. To get up to speed on where we are, read A Good Beginning first.

He’d stopped.

Why had he stopped? This felt good. The pounding. My legs splayed wide. More. I wanted more.

Oh…dead battery.

What was he doing?

I heard fumbling. The nightstand drawer opened. He pulled back slightly.

Ohhhhh, I know. The Tyler by Svakom (received in exchange for an honest review).

His cock sunk in deep. He pulled back, pushed in, pulled back, adjusted the silicone piece resting against my clit, and all the air rushed from my body.

An already highly sensitive clit with the pressure of his body pushing a vibrating disk against my body – and I exploded. My entire body clenched around his cock.

He couldn’t move. No in and out thrust. No shifting. My body gripped his mercilessly.

The spasm of the deep orgasm passed and he pulled back again. He turned the cock ring – yes, it was a silicone cock ring – around and began pumping into my body. Now the vibrating disk was pushing against my slit and his balls, sending vibrations through both of us. For me, at that angle, it was nothing to cause an orgasm, but definitely pleasurable.

I didn’t need any more orgasms. I was spent with melted bones and pliable limbs. He lifted my legs, spread my thighs, moved me here and yon, anything to go deeper and harder.

Our bodies slapped together, a brutal impact that sent tingles into each limb.

He smacked my cheek again, still warm from earlier. He gripped my hips in a crushing hold.

This hard fucking took on a new urgency and greater speed. He was close. So close.

And then, one more thrust, and he growled as he came…and came…and came.

He slipped out of my body by a mere inch and cried out in the manliest version of a scream I’ve ever heard. The cock ring was still on, torturing his body. His entire body shook and shuddered. He gasped for air and I felt him tremble as he reached down to take it off, turn it off, anything to stop the pleasurable pain of too many sensations.

An aftershock hit him and he grunted and shuddered. He fumbled, his bones melting into bliss too, his fingers uncooperative and unable to easily detach the toy from his body. Until finally, he yanked it off and threw it to the side.

I’d watched him with mild amusement. It was nice not to be the only one tortured by a sex toy.

“Soooo…you like it, huh?”

“Uh….huh…yea–…” His words were garbled as he struggled to breathe and compose himself.

I managed to slide out from underneath him, our combined fluids trickling down my inner thigh. When I came back from the bathroom, ready to help him clean up, he’d collapsed on the bed, unable to move other than to jump when the wet cloth touched his still sensitive body.

Neither of us remembers falling asleep moments later. But I promise you, I will never forget the sound he made when he came with that cock ring buzzing against his body.

The Tyler by Svakom

I feel like John Brownstone should be telling you about the Tyler by Svakom since he was the one that wore it. I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it.

Because it’s made of a stretchy silicone, it certainly looks like it can handle any amount of girth you’ve got. It’s definitely very quiet which is always nice. It’s also rechargeable so no batteries to deal with. It comes in two colors, and we received the black one.

I can’t tell you how easily this thing will make you come – if you happen to be the one with a clit – but since I was already so sensitive after our earlier play, the vibrations were plenty for me. It wasn’t a mind-blowing orgasm, but all of my muscles clenched and locked for several seconds.

My absolute favorite part was the amount of pleasure he received, even if he was tortured a bit at the end. A super sensitive cock, still dripping with a little bit of come, with a silicone vibrator wrapped around it – oh yeah, that was fun to watch and hear. And, while he’s not exactly a quiet man, that is the absolute loudest he’s ever been. It was great!

The company has a video about it, if you’d like to know more:

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